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Magical Starsign


Glissini Caves (secret dungeon)

In the Spiny Mole's tunnel (King's Road) in Nova, notice the large 'X' on the wall. Return there after visiting Shadra for the first time and you will gain entrance to the secret dungeon, Glissini Caves which contains powerful enemies and strong items. You cannot enter here if you have already fought Shadra's first form.

Contributed By: XCommander and LifeMushroom.

Secret Items

Prizes from using tag mode

Tag mode lets you exchange Amigos, when you get to a certain amount you get a predetermined prize. These prizes are all extremely useful for the main game, they range from equipment that raises stats considerably to useful replacement party members to a decent ability that can do huge damage, especially at the beginning of the game. *This requires two DS, two copies of Magical Starsign* start tag mode, choose a file and exchange in order to get an amigo. For additional Amigos start new game save on an empty file>tagmode>exchange>repeat. Prizes are list below

10 AmigosAmigo Book (learnable move)
1 AmigoAn egg (random element, expect dark/light)
50 AmigosEgg Boots (part of "Egg" set)
40 AmigosEgg Cloak (part of "Egg" set)
5 AmigosEgg Hat (part of "Egg" set)
25 AmigosEgg Ring (part of "Egg" set)
75 AmigosEgg studs (Full Egg Set adds STR+47, IQ+37, SPR+19 and AGI+56 )
100 AmigosFifth Egg (Light or Dark Element)
60 AmigosFourth Egg (random element, expect Dark/Light)
15 AmigosSecond Egg (random element, expect Dark/Light)
30 AmigosThird Egg (random element, expect Dark/Light)

Contributed By: max13524.