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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory


Unlockable costumes

UnlockableHow to Unlock
In Machi Akko, go to the bar and use the microphone. Look behind you for a keycard. Go back to the hallway with three doors, and use it on the closet.Argus Mercenary costume
In the Lighthouse level, snipe the man on the roof, but don't rappel down. On the high right corner is the costume.Camouflage Sam costume
Go to floor three. Use the optic cable to see which room has the green package. Enter the room, and use keypad code 5800Displace Mercenary costume in Display level
Room next to the room where you have a last chance to save, code is 5800Displace suit
In the Penthouse level, go to Zherkezhi's apartment, and go to the first room on the top floor. Go down the long, dark hall and type 5698 in the pad.Masked Sam costume
In the Manhattan Streets level, go to the open area before the penthouse. Climb the pipe, jump left, and go down to the next platform, in the corner.National Guard costume
In Kokubo Sosho, go down the elevator, where lasers are at teh bottom. Find a ladder to climb back up. The room will have lasers and the costume.Shadownet Agent costume
Go to the small vault left of the computer and use the lockpickShort sleeved Sam costume in Bank level
Get the wrench, and go to the U shaped room. Enter the keycard room, take out the guard, climb on the crate, and bash next crateSnow Guard costume in Battery level
Find the wrench, and find the man who is shooting on the roof, get to him and fall through the vent, exiting the room, and bash the door.Thermal Suit costume in Hokkaido level

Contributed By: nado.

Unlockable Mode

In order to enable this mode after meeting the conditions below, you must go the extras section and select "enable full equipment".

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game at least onceFull Equipment Mode (infinite ammo etc.)

Contributed By: drumguyonguitar.