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Nintendogs: Lab & Friends


Take a walk anytime!

When going for a walk, go to the park. When you go to the park, change your dog's accessory to anything. The game saves it. When it does, turn off. Start again, and you will be able to go for another walk.

N.B. This is most useful if you keep going through the question marks.

Contributed By: Gryphix.


How to get a Santa Hat

When its Christmas also known as December 25, 26 take your dog for a walk and after about the 2nd try you should get a Santa Hat. But you can't get a Santa Hat in January or March etc. Make sure your dog can walk long distances and has alot of stamina before you go for a walk. You need to try to get every question mark there is so that you have a better chance at getting the hat.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Go for a walk on Christmas Eve or Christmas DaySanta Hat

Contributed By: Zoomaster10.

Unlockables (US Version)

These are what you unlock with trainer points in the US version of Nintendog: Lab & Friends, new breeds will appear in the kennel, new houses will appear in the interior decorator.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
14,000 Trainer PointsBeagle
10,000 Trainer PointsBoxer
22,000 Trainer PointsCavalier K.C.Spaniel
50,000 Trainer PointsChihuahua (dog)
45,000 Trainer PointsDachshund (dog)
Find the Fireman's Hat on a walkDalmatian
6,000 Trainer PointsDesktop(Interior Decorator)
4,000 Trainer PointsGerman Shepherd Dog
20,000 Trainer PointsGolden Retriever
30,000 Trainer PointsHusky
Find the Jack Russel book on a walkJack Russel Terrier
40,000 Trainer PointsNorthern European ( house rennovation)
18,000 Trainer PointsOuter Space(Interior Decorator)
2,000 Trainer PointsPug
25,000 Trainer PointsRanch House (Interior Decorator)
12,000 Trainer PointsSeaside(Interior Decorator)
16,000 Trainer PointsShetland Sheepdog
8,000 Trainer PointsShih Tzu
35,000 Trainer PointsYorkshire Terrier

Contributed By: shbek1 and mikau26.


Eating bone and lightbulb.

When training your dog occasionally an outline of a bone will appear on the screen, you can feed this to your dog by dragging it to its mouth, you can do the same with the light bulbs that appear above your dogs head when your teaching them new tricks.

Contributed By: Neoshock.

Find out if there is garbage or a present on the floor during a walk

To find out if garbage or a present is approaching during one of your walks, look at the top screen. There should be the little dog symbol on the path that you drew. If that dog symbol stops and your dog is still walking, this indicates that either garbage or a present is coming up on the floor. If it is a present, tug your dog to a stop and your dog will notice it. It will pick it up and bring it over to you. It is easier to do this when your dog is running.

Contributed By: crazyforkillua.