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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars


Enter these during gameplay without pausing:

L, L, R, B, B, A, A, RArmor
L, R, X, Y, A, B, Up, DownExplosive Pistol Round
Up, Down, Left, Right, B, X, L, RExtra Sunny
Up, Down, Left, Right, Y, B, R, LFog
Up,Down,Left,Right,A,X,R,Llots of rain
R,X,X,Y,Y,R,L,Lwanted level down
L,L,R,Y,Y,X,X,Rwanted level up
R,Up,B,Down,Left,R,B,Rightweapons 1 (grenade, nightstick, pistol, minigun, assault, micro smg, stubby shotgun)
R,Up,A,Down,Left,R,A,Rightweapons 2 (molotov, teaser, dual pistols, flamethrower, carbine, smg, dual-barrel)
R,Up,Y,Down,Left,R,Y,Rightweapons 3 (mine, chainsaw, revolver, flamethrower, carbine, smg, dual-barrel)
R,Up,X,Down,Left,R,X,Rightweapons 4 (flashbang, bat, pistol, rpg, carbine, micro smg, stubby shotgun)

Contributed By: Kyimaro, Saprol, and dnextreme88.


Skip Taxi Hotwiring

This glitch lets you skip the hotwiring process of a taxi, and to do so you must find a taxi with no one in it. When you find it, get in the car and the hotwire process will start. Instead of hotwiring it press the SELECT button to start the taxi missions, then press SELECT again to cancel the mission. After this you do not have to hotwire the car.

Contributed By: Metal_Cyborg.


Bulletproof Taxi's

Complete dropping off 15 people in a row without the timer running out and all taxi's will become bulletproof while you are in them. This will not affect number of times cheated in the stats menu.

Contributed By: fire2box.


Achieving certain tasks will reward you trophies, which can be found on the Trophy Shelf in your apartment.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Unlock By Selling hallucinogensDiamond Pillbox
Discovering 40 drug dealersGolden Binoculars
Unlock By Selling DepressantsJeweled Bong
Own all 21 safe houses in the cityJeweled Key to the City
Purchase HeroinPlatinum Syringe
Make a $2000 profitSilver Safe
Find all 80 dealers.Titanium Briefcase
Achieve a loss of $500Wooden Spoon

Contributed By: XLeafRunnerX, Jamio88, TKhaos, and sick_zombie.

Unlockable Car

Register your DS Friend code over at the RockStar Social Club and sync your Stats anywhere between May 1st and 11:59 PM Est May 7th to unlock the Bulletproof Hellenbach

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Sync your Stats between May 1st and 7th to unlock this Car at the BOABO MerchantBulletproof Hellenbach

Contributed By: TsahvongLah.

Unlockable Cars

Cars can be purchased at the Boabo Auto Merchant. Complete the following missions to unlock the cars.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Get a bronze medal in all Algonquin races500 XLR8
Complete the mission "Weapons of Mass Destruction"Banshee
Complete the mission "Conterfeit Gangster"Bulldozer
Get a bronze medal in all time trialsCityscape
Complete the mission "Grave Situation"Cognoscetti
Complete the mission "Jackin Chan"Comet
Complete the mission "Raw Deal"Coquette
Get a bronze medal in all street racesFormula R
Get a bronze medal in all Go-Kart time trialsGo-Kart
Complete the mission "Wheelman"Hearse
Complete the mission "Bomb Disposal"Hellenbach
Complete the mission "Cash & Burn"Infernus
Complete all of Guy's missionsLimo
Get a bronze medal in all Broker and Dukes racesMK GT9
Complete the mission "Wheelman"NRG 900
Complete the mission "Wheelman"Patriot
Complete the mission "Pimp His Ride"Resolution X
Complete all story missionsRhino
Complete the mission "Operation Northwood"Sabre GT
Get a bronze medal in all Bohan racesStyle SR

Contributed By: XxThunderxX.


UnlockableHow to Unlock
Score gold medals on all weapons at the Gun-ClubDiscount on the Ammu-nation store
Attain a score of 10000 or more for a weapon.Gold medal
Get a Gold in the Fire truck MinigameImmunity to Fire
Complete all 5 waves of vigilante missions with 100% kill rateIncreased body armor strength
Complete 5 Paramedic MissionsInfinite Sprint
Complete 5 Waves of Paramedic Missions with a 100% Life Save RateMarathon
Beat both noodle delivery missions (to gold ranking)Regenerating health
Beat both mail courier missions (to gold ranking)Upgraded delivery bag

Contributed By: joshob2006, hassifa, blaze_0041, Backdust69, Jamio88, TsahvongLah, and Libs368.

Easter Eggs

Here Be Dragons!

Take a boat ride to any corner of the map to be greeted with a "Here Be Dragons!" message on the ocean floor.

Contributed By: Crashbanito.