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Mega Man V


Ultimate Password

_ R R E _
E T _ E _
T _ E R E
_ E R R R
The underscore _ means leave the space blank.
Gives you all applicable itmes, all applicable bosses beaten, max P-Chips, and max lives.

Contributed By: alex cross.

Various codes

Enter the following at the password screen:

TTTET, _E_T_, ER_ _R, T_ETR, _E_ _RFirst 4 bosses beaten with all buyable items at Darkmoon
RETE_, _ _T_E, TET_T, TTEET, TTTERStart at 2nd set of bosses with Jupiter's and Saturn's crystals and all buyable items
TRTRT, EER_R, TRRRT, RRE_ _, ER_TRStart game with no bosses beaten and all items from the shop
T_ _T_ , RET_E , _ _ _TE, TER _R , TE_RRWhen activated, brings you to the pre-battle cutscene.

Contributed By: Neo Alucard X and LanceHeart Gothann.


Arm Cannon Upgrade

Let all your lives run out and choose 'Continue'. Do this a total of four times and you'll recieve speed upgrade for you arm cannon's charged shot.'Continue' four more times to recieve another speed upgrade.

Note that the upgrades cannot be saved with a password.

Contributed By: alex cross.