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Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge



Enter the following passwords for the desired effect:

Empty, Empty, Empty, Heart(Game Progress) Cloud Castle completed
Candle, Orb, Empty, Orb(Game Progress) Crystal and Cloud Castles completed
Candle, Heart, Heart, Orb(Game Progress) Crystal Castle completed
Heart, Orb, Candle, Empty(Game Progress) Dracula Castle Part One
Heart, Candle, Orb, Orb(Game Progress) Dracula Castle Part Two
Eyeball, Heart, Candle, Heart(Game Progress) Last Boss
Empty, Candle, Heart, Heart(Game Progress) No castles completed
Orb, Empty, Empty, Candle(Game Progress) Plant and Cloud Castles completed
Heart, Heart, Heart, Empty(Game Progress) Plant and Crystal Castles completed
Orb, Candle, Heart, Candle(Game Progress) Plant Castle completed
Heart, Orb, Empty, Empty(Game Progress) Plant, Crystal, and Cloud Castles completed
Empty, Empty, Candle, Heart(Game Progress) Rock and Cloud Castles completed
Candle, Heart, Orb, Orb(Game Progress) Rock and Crystal Castles completed
Orb, Candle, Orb, Candle(Game Progress) Rock and Plant Castles completed
Empty, Candle, Orb, Heart(Game Progress) Rock Castle completed
Candle, Orb, Candle, Orb(Game Progress) Rock, Cloud, and Crystal Castles completed
Orb, Empty, Candle, Candle(Game Progress) Rock, Cloud, and Plant Castles completed
Heart, Heart, Orb, Empty(Game Progress) Rock, Plant, and Crystal Castles completed
Candle, Candle, Heart, Heart(Other Passwords) Extra 10 Lives
Empty, Eyeball, Empty, Eyeball(Other Passwords) Hard Mode
Heart, Heart, Heart, Heart(Other Passwords) Sound Test

Contributed By: Alekhnovich, KeyBlade999, wallywest80, alex cross, and ATadeo.


Play at any castle with 10 lives

1)First, enter the Extra Lives password
2)Start playing at any castle
3)Reset the game (press the 4 buttons at the same time)
4)Enter any castle password
5)Bingo!!!, you can play with 10 lives (at any castle).

Contributed By: jcoelho.

Secret Items

Hidden 1-Ups

Whip the ceiling just above the second door in the Crystal Castle.1-Up
After the long drop past the spiked walls, whip the ceiling in the middle of the screen with the door in the Crystal Castle.1-Up
In the Rock Castle, it's in a candle above the high ledge just before the fourth door1-Up
In the Plant Castle, whip the ceiling above the third door.1-Up
In the Plant Castle again, whip the closest floating brick to the right side of the third door.1-Up
In stage 1 of Dracula's Castle, after passing through the second door, whip the floor below.1-Up

Contributed By: freakunique.

Area/Level Hints

Hidden Rooms And Passages

In the Crystal Castle just past the second door, where eyeballs are falling from above, climb any rope through the ceiling. In the Rock Castle after the third door, continue all the way to the right and climb the rope up through the ceiling. In the room just before the third door in the Cloud Castle, climb the rope through the ceiling to warp to an earlier room where you can find meat in the bricks in the middle of the ceiling. After the third door in the Plant Castle, continue to the left and climb the rope through the ceiling. In stage two of Dracula's Castle, climb through the ceiling in the room with a door, a large bat, and an upside down monster that can take away your stronger whips.

Contributed By: freakunique.