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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker


Indoor And Infinite Bombs

With good timing, it's possible to use bombs inside buildings. Equip the Tingle Tuner. Activate it and pause the game at the same time. Then equip your Bombs on the same button as the Tingle Tuner, and unpause the game. You'll get the usual Tingle Tuner message, but you'll be holding a Bomb instead. Exit out of the message in order to drop or throw the bomb. This glitch also works even if you don't have any Bombs in your inventory, which saves you the trouble of having to replenish your supply.

Contributed By: discoinferno84.

Infinite And Duplicating Elixir Soup

With good timing, it's possible to have an endless supply of Elixir Soup. Equip the Elixir Soup and press the button to drink, and then immediately pause the game. Equip another item over the Elixir Soup and unpause. If done correctly, Link will continue drinking, but he'll still end up with the same amount of Elixir Soup. This glitch can be done with potions, fairies, and forest water as well. You can even extend your Elixir Soup supply by equipping another empty bottle over it; once the animation is done, the second bottle will be halfway filled with Elixir Soup.

Contributed By: discoinferno84.

Making yourself invincible to Gohdan's hands

When fighting Gohdan, stay in the doorway and his hands can't touch you. This is the easiest way to destroy them.

Contributed By: fall_child_03.

Puppet Ganon Battlefield Glitch

In the battle against puppet Ganon's human-like form ( Note: Puppet Ganon) hookshot up to one of the platforms. If puppet Ganon punches you, you should go through the wall. You can still hit puppet Ganon with Light Arrows, but he and the keese won't be able to hit you.

Contributed By: bionicone.

Shooting The King of Red Lions

Sail to Spectacle Island, but leave The King of Red Lions far out on the water where the shooting range normally takes place. He'll still be there when the mini-game loads up. Shooting him with the cannon counts as a successful hit. Since he doesn't move or explode like the other targets, you can use him to easily rack up points and win prizes.

Contributed By: discoinferno84.


Special Charts

Aside from the Treasure Charts, you can obtain a few others that have unique features and can prove useful in your quest. These charts allow you to view locations of enemies, items, heart pieces, etc. Obtaining these maps usually involves obtaining a secondary Treasure Chart or defeating enemies in a certain area.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Once you get bombs availible in your inventory, Beedle will mail you his chart.Beedle's Chart
Explore the cave on Diamond Steppe Island.Ghost Ship Chart
Defeat all the cannons in the Five-Eye Reef, then use the Treasure Chart that appears to find Great Fairy Chart .Great Fairy Chart
Obtain the Master Sword, then wait for Tingle to send you the chart. You must pay 201 Rupees to get it out of the mailbox.IN-credible Chart
Defeat all the cannons in the Four-Eye Reef, then use the Treasure Chart that appears to find the Island Hearts Chart.Island Hearts Chart
Defeat all the cannons in the Cyclops Reef, then use the Treasure Chart that appears to find the Light Ring Chart .Light Ring Chart
Defeat all the cannons in the Six-Eye Reef, then use the Treasure Chart that appears to find the Octo Chart.Octo Chart
Go to the Flight Control Platform sector and look for a submarine. Enter it and defeat all the enemies.Platform Chart
Defeat all the cannons in the Three-Eye Reef, then use the Treasure Chart that appears to find the Sea Heart Chart.Sea Hearts Chart
Defeat all the cannons in the Two-Eye Reef, then use the Treasure Chart that appears to find the Secret Chart.Secret Chart
Explore the Boating Course sector and defeat all the enemies inside.Submarine Chart
Rescue Tingle from prison.Tingle's Chart

Contributed By: discoinferno84.

Unlock DX Color Pictobox

After getting the Pictobox, go talk to the man in the pictobox-looking house. He'll take you on as his "apprentice," and you'll have to take some pictographs for him. First, a picto of that guy in red putting a letter in a mailbox, then a jumpy guy in the cafe (roll into a wall), then aman and woman looking at each other. Then he'll mumble some long-winded story. Go inside the Forest Haven and catch inna bottle one of those fireflies that cast a light on the ground. Bring it to him, and your pictobox will now take color pictos.

Contributed By: DeoxysHunter.

Unlockable Items

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Give 40 Joy Pendants to school teacher on Windfall Island.The Hero's Charm
Give Orca 10 Knight's CrestsThe Hurricane Spin

Contributed By: discoinferno84.


Follow the method for the desired unlockable:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game once and start a new gameAlternate costume for Aryll
Beat the game once and save. Next time you play, the DX camera will be in your inventory. You can take color pictures instead of Black and White like the other camera didDX Camera
Beat the game once and save, from now on Valoo, The Deku Tree, and Jabun will speak in english.Understand Hylian Language
Beat the game once. You now can play the game with the clothes you wore in the beginning of the game.Wear original clothes

Contributed By: CAHowell, kylohk, and Toan Dark Cloud.

Easter Eggs

Masks From Majoras Mask

In The Nintendo Gallery Room, face Garlov's Desk( the fat guy who makes figurines) and tilt the camera to Link's Right and one the wall to Link's Left you will see The All-Night-Mask, The Goron Mask,The Bunny Hood and the Keaton Mask from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

Contributed By: get out.

Seven Sages portraits

When you enter the room in Hyrule where you recieve the Master Sword, look around the outside walls of the room. You'll see stained glass portraits of the Seven Sages from Ocarina of Time, as well as one of Ganon.

Contributed By: M45k3d N1Nj4 G4R0.


Easy Rupees

All you have to do is when you are in the WIND TEMPLE and you are outside the boss room, break the jar on the left side closest to the boss door and a bunch of different colored rupees will fly out. pick them up and jump into the magic cauldron and teleport to the first jar you uncovered. jump in the one you just popped out of and keep doing that until you get back to the boss door. Then break the jar again and all the rupees will be there again. Repeat the process as many times as you like.

Contributed By: bandhottie.

Reduce the price of the Tingle Things by half.

On the first floor of the Forsaken Fortress there is a metal pot. If you jump into it with the Tingle Tuner activated, Tingle will tell you that the price of his Tingle Things price has been dropped.

Contributed By: Bassguy.

Secret Money Pot

On Outset Island there is a spot that can be scanned with the tingle tuner to make a pot appear. To get to the spot you will need to go to eastern part of it near your grandmas house. There are some cliffs farther back that arent that difficult to reach. Sidle to the first cliff then change the wind to the east. Then use your deku leaf and float to the second one. Once you land on the spot tingle will tell you that you found the secret and a pot wil appear with 100 rupees in it. This is an easy way to get money, to do it over just change the day and come back to the spot.

Contributed By: Hypersonic185.

Zelda Life Trick

In the final battle with Ganondorf, if you use your Hookshot or Grappling Hook on Zelda, you will steal three hearts from her! Do this if you are low in health.

Contributed By: themaster3400 and Eevee-Trainer.

Enemy/Boss Tips

Defeat Kalle Demos in One Hit

Kalle Demos, the boss of the Forest Haven dungeon, can be defeated in a single hit. When you use the Boomerang to cut the boss's vines and knock the plant onto the ground, a small plant inside of it will be revealed. If you pour Forest Water onto this plant (which is the boss), the boss will be instantly defeated.

Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

Easy Helmaroc King

When the battle starts, wait until he tries to peck at you. When he misses he will get stuck. Use the Skull Hammer 5 times and his mask will break. Afterwards, just equip the boomerang and keep throwing it. While the boomerang does less damage than the sword or hammer, it has an interrupt effect that will keep him from being able to attack.

Contributed By: Happyjew.