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Resident Evil Code: Veronica X


Infinite Healing Items!

This glitch will allow you to have an infinite First Aid Spray, Green Herb, Mixed Herb, or any healing item you wish. First, make sure you DO NOT read the Instructions Book file that you get at the start of the game. Get any gun (except the knife). Now, get the healing item you want for the glitch. Make sure that your inventory is organized in the following order: -Playing Manual. -Your gun. -Your Healing item. Equip your gun, and then read the Manual. READ IT FROM THE FILES SCREEN. DO NOT CHECK IT. If you did this correctly, you will have your healing item equipped. If that's the case, exit the inventory screen and fire your gun. Now use your healing item. It shouldn't dissapear, it doesn't matter how much times you use it. It will still work if you store it, so Chris should be able to use it, too. DO NOT MIX YOUR HEALING ITEM. IT WILL LOSE HIS INFINITE PROPERTY. This should make getting the Rocket Laucher a piece of cake.

Contributed By: Apalapan.

Stop the Game Clock

During play, open the lid on your GCN. This will stop the clock on the game. This is useful when you want to pause the game so that it doesn't take time out of your final rank.

Contributed By: DesertEagle97531.


Battle Mode

To Unlock The Battle Mode, simply beat the game

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the GameBattle Mode

Contributed By: juanca45002.

First Person View

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the game under ant difficulty.First Person View (battle mode)

Contributed By: ofirissmart.

Linnear Launcher

How to get the Linear Launcher in battle mode. These times are much harder to achieve than the PS2 versions.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Battle Mode with every character with times under these : Claire 6:00, A. Claire 7:30, Chris 6:30, Steve 10:00, Wesker 30:00,Linear Launcher

Contributed By: SS4Jason.

Unlock Alternate Claire in Battle Game

To unlock Alternate Claire in the Battle Game, beat the Battle Game as the ordinary Claire Redfield.

Contributed By: kylohk.

Unlock Rocket Launcher with Infinite Ammo

To unlock this, beat the game with an A rank

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat game with A RankRocket Launcher w/ Infinite Ammo

Contributed By: Phyre.

Unlock Steve Burnside in Battle Mode

Unlock Steve by obtaining the Gold Luger Replica as Chris.

Contributed By: Phyre.

Unlock Wesker in Battle Mode

To unlock Wesker in Battle Mode, beat Battle Mode as Chris.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Battle Mode as ChrisWesker in Battle Mode

Contributed By: ColtBoi85.