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Gauntlet: Dark Legacy



Press start at the title screen then press "New". To activate the code select it from your inventory.

10000K10k in Gold
NUD069Dwarf as a Gimp
ICE600Dwarf as a Large Jester
ALLFULFull Potions and Keys
PURPLEFull Turbo
KJH105Jester as a Stick Figure with a Cap
PNK666Jester as a Stick Figure with Mohawk
STX222Jester as a Stick Figure with Smile
BAT900Knight as a Centurion
TAK118Knight as a Ninja
RIZ721Knight as a Quarterback
KAO292Knight as a Waitress
DARTHCKnight in a Black Outfit
SJB964Knight in Black Karate Suit
ARV984Knight in Street Clothes
DIB626Knight in Street Clothes and a Hat
STG333Knight In Street Clothes and Bald
SJB964Play with 2 Scythes
EGG911Pojo the Chicken
REFLEXReflect Shot
CSS222Regular Clothes and Baseball Bat
XSPEEDRun Faster
DELTA1Shrink Enemy and Growth
SSHOTSSuper Shot with Long Crossbow
QCKSHTThrow quickly
MENAGETripple Shot
CEL721Valkyrie as a Cheerleader
AYA555Valkyrie as a School Girl
TWN300Valkyrie as Death
MTN200Warrior as Orc Boss
CAS400Warrior in Ogre Clothes
RAT333Warrior Wearing a Rat Hat
GARM00Wizard as a Lich
DES700Wizard as a Pharoah
SKY100Wizard as an Alien
GARM99Wizard as Evil
SUM224Wizard as Sumner
PEEKINX-Ray Vision

Contributed By: Super Nova, master jedi gamer, SS3 Grown Trunks, djk, and WillDay.

Fire Breathing Chicken Character

When you select your name, type POJO in the name slot and become Pojo the fire breathing chicken! Usually you can become Pojo by obtaining his egg but this code allows you to become Pojo for the whole game.

POJOPermanently Pojo

Contributed By: CharGames.


Play as Sumner

To unlock just complete the specific method

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Go to the Fortified Towers level in the Battle Grounds and enter the Treasure Room. Beat it and Sumner will be unlockedUnlock Sumner

Contributed By: metroid213.

Unlockable Characters

To unlock and play as new characters, you must find a hatch in a certain level, and pass its objective to unlock a character.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the hatch with the Dungeon of Torment inside.Falconess
Beat the hatch with the Haunted House inside.Hyena
Beat the hatch with the Temple of Magi inside.Jackell
Beat the hatch with the Ghost Town inside.Medusa
Beat the hatch with the Dappet Peak inside.Minotaur
Beat the hatch with the Arctic Docks inside.Ogre
Beat the hatch with the Battlefield Trenches inside.Sumner
Beat the hatch with the Ancient Tree inside.Tigress
Beat the hatch with the Toxic Spire inside.Unicorn

Contributed By: SpikeDragon.