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Star Wars: The Clone Wars



To get desired effect enter specific code

YUB YUBFulfills the 3 Bonus Objectives from the Last Mission Played
FUZZBALLPlay as a wookie in the Jedi Academy
FRAGFIESTAUnlock all multiplayer maps
THRISNOTRYUnlock the next level
CHOSEN1Unlock Unlimited Ammo
CINEMAUnlocks All Cinematic Cutscenes
GASMASKUnlocks All Missions
FRAGFIESTAUnlocks All Multiplayer Maps
CORDEUnlocks Amidala in Multiplayer
RogerRogerUnlocks Battle Droid
Fake FettUnlocks Clone Trooper
WAT TAMBORUnlocks Super Battle Droid
SAYCHEESEUnlocks Team Photos in the Sketchbook

Contributed By: Dark Arcanine, gameprsn, Roderick, SSDCAPTAIN, gabbayabahay, surferdude509, Usul, Bobthe deranged monk, HyperKirby7, and Odwolda.


Use Same Characters In Geonosis Academy

Pick any characters to start with. Once playing reset, and there should be squares with characters to choose from. Players go to the player you want to both be, stay there and let the timer run out. Players will now be able to be the same character.

Contributed By: RVD363.



Use the following methods to unlock secrets.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
To unlock the ''Making Of'' video, earn thirty bonus points.Unlock "Making Of" Video
To unlock the CD player, earn thirty five bonus points.Unlock CD Player
To unlock the Jedi Academy map for multiplayer, earn twenty bonus points.Unlock Jedi Academy map for Multiplayer
To unlock the Raxus Duel map for multiplayer, earn five bonus points.Unlock Raxus Duel map for Multiplayer
To unlock the Rhen Var Conquest map for multiplayer, earn fifteen bonus points.Unlock Rhen Var Conquest map for Multiplayer
To unlock the sketchbook, earn forty bonus points.Unlock Sketchbook
To unlock the Thule Moon Control Zone map for multiplayer, earn ten bonus points.Unlock Thule Moon Control Zone map for Multiplayer
To unlock the unit viewer, earn twenty five bonus points.Unlock Unit Viewer
To unlock Yoda for multiplayer, earn forty five bonus points.Unlock Yoda for Multiplayer

Contributed By: gameprsn.


Ewok Celebration Music

At the options screen, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left Right, B, A, Start using the D-Pad. The Ewok Celebration Music should start to play.

Contributed By: gameprsn.