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Tales of Symphonia


Easy Gigolo title

To easily get the Gigolo title for Zelos, return to Meltokio after receiving the Spider Figurine, Chipped Dager, and Mirror Shard, but before picking up the Derris Emblem. Make Zelos your on screen character and go to his house, then talk to the butler to get the title. You would otherwise have to have Zelos hit on every female NPC in the game to get this title, but this way you don't have to flirt at all.

Contributed By: Kratos15354.

Eternal Sword Glitch

You can wield the Eternal Sword but still have another sword equipped on Lloyd.

1.Have Lloyd cast Falcons Crest (secret tech) by pressing and holding block (default X), attack (default A), and then tech (default B).
2.While casting a enemy must kill you the easiest way to do this is die and have Sheena cast Purgatory Seal on you so you have no HP then use Falcon's Crest.
3.When you are revived after dying during Falcon's Crest you should be wielding the Eternal Sword.

Contributed By: KratosJudgment6.

Free Kendama

If you begin the Devil's Arm Quest, After a few Devil's Arm's, go to Altimira and sleep at the inn. Say yes that you want to go out at night. Head to the Casino Area. Go on the bridge and you will see a young man. He says he will sell you a kendama for 1,000 Gald. Say yes and then check your Gald. You actually spent 0 Gald!

Contributed By: Shadow128.

Getting two Gaia Cleavers

You can easily get two of the most powerful weapon for Presea, the Gaia Cleaver. When you are able to get it (after level 80 or when Presea has learned all of her techs in the tree you chose) go to Ozette again and speak to the man next to Presea's dad's grave. He'll give you the Gaia Cleaver. Now, without living that screen, equip it on Presea from the new items menu (not always works from the equip menu) and talk to the man again. He'll give you another Gaia Cleaver

Contributed By: shinigamichelo.

God Mode

Alright, I found a glitch in ToS, to make yourself completely invincible. To do it, follow the instructions below:
Go into a battle with low HP, and are able to use a unison attack IMMEDIATELY
Now, just as you get hit and loose your remaining HP, quickly unleash your unison attack. Your timing must be perfect.
Now, the character who unleashed the U. Attack will continue the attack with 0 HP, and when the unison attack ends, your character will continue to fight, with 0 HP. You will still take damage from monsters, they just cannot kill you. I dunno if they fixed this for the PS2 version, but thanks to it, I was able to destroy Shadow (The summon spirit) single handedly with Lloyd (To bad Kratos is gone at that time). Also, if you have a healer on your team, MAKE SURE IT DOES NOT HEAL!!! The healer will bring back your HP, and you'll have to do it all over again. Make sure you have characters alive who are not in your attack team, because after the battle, your fighting team will die. If your against a boss you think is invincible, think again!

Contributed By: Ragnarok_X_15.

Infinite Combo Glitch

Any fighter characters who have magic abilities can do this. I'll use Kratos as an example:
1. Set any of Kratos' tech to a magic skill. I recommend forward B
2. Make sure he can link magic after his last hit
3. In battle, find an enemy you won't do much damage on
4. Have Kratos do as many swings as he can, holding the forward button
5. Right after his 3rd or 6th hit, still holding forward, press B
6. IMMEDIATELY cancel the spell (X) and IMMEDIATELY press A again
7. Don't let go of forward. It helps a lot if you're holding forward and doing this

It'll take a few tries to get this. You have to be super fast in your fingers or it won't connect.

There is an easy way, however. Change your controls so that R is spell cancel/defend. In battle, before anything, hold the R button. Attack 3 or 6 times, cast the spell. The spell will immediately cancel, so start slashing again.

Contributed By: tkcaladbolg.

Katz Village Glitch/Free Inn

Once you have the Rheairds and can use them anytime,go to the Katz Village.If you talk to the Katz who asks you if you want to sleep say "Yes".He says it's only 50 Gald a night,but if you look at you Gald afterword,you didn't spend any money.This is really good if you want to be fully healed with no cost.

Contributed By: Ragna0k0nline.

Long Distance Hurricane/Lightning

This glitch works for Kratos, Zelos, and Lloyd

Have the character use Demon Fang from far away. Before the Demon Fang hits, link it to any of these moves:
Hurricane Thrust, Lightning Thrust, Lightning Blade, Super Lightning Blade

The moment Demon Fang hits the target, the lightning and/or hurricane will hit the target. Even if you have completely missed that tech.

Contributed By: tkcaladbolg.

Red Light, Green Light Glitch

When playing Red Light, Green Light in Tethe'alla, press Start when the Sea-Katz begin to turn around. You'll be asked if you want to quit. Select no, and when you go back to the game, Genis will be standing still regardless of whether or not he was in the middle of a move. This is a cheap, easy way to ensure that you never get caught by the Sea-Katz when he turns around.

Contributed By: UltimaterializerX.

Tech glitch

Tech glitch allows you to have T-type and S-type techs at the same time.
This is how it works: (for example)

1. Put Lloyd to the first place of your party and set Genis' Eruption to Lloyd's C-stick shortcut.
2. Switch Lloyd out of your party.
3. Have Genis forgot his Eruption and switch him to S-type. Then battle until he learns Flame Lance.
4. Switch Genis back to T-type.
5. Save the game! (Do not save or look at the tech list after this)
6. Now put Lloyd back to the first place of your party.
7. Go to battle and use that Eruption shortcut with Lloyd. Genis must relearn Explosion during this battle, if not, Eruption shortcut from C-stick is gone.
8. And if you didn't succeed, repeat from the step 5. If you succeed you have now both Genis' Explosion and Flame Lance.

Contributed By: Kratos_25.


Alternate Costumes

You probably should do this anytime you pass by cities but it may not happen at that point so return later after another major event.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the Princess Guard Sidequest then speak to Colette at the Dinner Party.Colette's Fair Lady Costume
Complete the Colette the Maid Sidequest in Meltokio Castle.Colette's Maid Costume
Complete the Missing Child Sidequest in Altamira.Colette's Mermaid Costume
Complete the Missing Child Sidequest in Altamira.Genis' Beach Comber Costume
Complete the Princess Guard Sidequest then speak to Genis at the Dinner Party.Genis' Easter Sunday Costume
Complete the Katz Katz Katz Sidequest.Genis' Katz Katz Katz Costume
Speak to Kratos at the inn in Fanoir.Kratos's "Judgement" Costume
Complete the Missing Child Sidequest in Altamira.Lloyd's Beach Boy Costume
Complete the Princess Guard Sidequest then speak to Sabastian inside Zelos' Mansion.Lloyd's Nobleman costume
Talk to Alfread in Luin once it has been rebuilt.Lloyd's Pirate Costume
Complete the Missing Child Sidequest in Altamira.Presea's First-timer at Sea Costume
After clearing Latheon Gorge, speak to George in Altamira.Presea's Klonoa Costume
Complete the Princess Guard Sidequest then speak to Presea at the Dinner Party.Presea's Little madam Costume
Complete the Missing Child Sidequest in Altamira.Raine's "No, Not the sun!" Costume
Complete the Princess Guard Sidequest then speak to Raine at the Dinner Party.Raine's Glamorous Beauty Costume
Walk up to the Wind Dais in Asgard as Raine with Zelos in the party.Raine's Maiden Costume
Complete the Princess Guard Sidequest then speak to Regal at the Dinner Party.Regal's Dandy Costume
Talk to the Wonder Chef near Meltokio Castle.Regal's God of the Kitchen Costume
Complete the Missing Child Sidequest in Altamira.Regal's Swimmer Costume
Complete the Princess Guard Sidequest then speak to Sheena at the Dinner Party.Sheena's "You look great" Costume
Complete the Missing Child Sidequest in Altamira.Sheena's Queen of the Beach Costume
Talk to Sheena's grandfather in Volt's Temple.Sheena's Successor Costume
Visit Zelos' Mansion after speaking to Celes.Zelos' Masked Swordsman Costume
Complete the Missing Child Sidequest in Altamira.Zelos' Pickup Artist Costume
Complete the Princess Guard Sidequest then speak to Zelos at the Dinner Party.Zelos's Narcissist Costume

Contributed By: RPGzelda7, fire_cloud25, aeonlord_7551, hybrid_project, and Blk_Mage_Ctype.

Game Unlockables

UnlockableHow to Unlock
To unlock the 'Mania' difficulty, simply beat the game once.'Mania' Difficulty
To unlock 'Game Record' at the title, simply beat the game once.Game Record
After clearing the game once, load the clear data, then you will be able to buy stuff such as Max HP Increase, Exp*10, Exp*2 with Grade.Grade Shop

Contributed By: Kouli.

Grade Shop

Complete the game once and save when the game prompts you to do so, restart the game using that same file and the game will tell you to insert Disk 1. Upon doing so, you are taken to a screen where you can purchase various options with GRADE that you may have accumualted over the course of the game.
*You will receive 1000 extra GRADE by beating the last boss.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Pay 500 GRADECarry up to 30 items
Pay 10 GRADEEXP x 1/2
Pay 3000 GRADEEXP x 10
Pay 1000 GRADEEXP x 2
Pay 50 GRADEGet more bonus EXP from combos
100 GradeIncrease Tension
Pay 100 GRADEReceive more GRADE after battle
Pay 250 GRADEStart the game with 500 more HP
Pay 10 GRADEStart with 160 HP at the beginning of a battle
Pay 10 GRADETranfer over Collecter's Encyclopedia data
Pay 10 GRADETranfer over World Map data
Pay 1000 GRADETransfer over all spells/techs
Pay 10 GRADETransfer over Battle Strategy data
Pay 10 GRADETransfer over Character Collection (Figurines)
Pay 50 GRADETransfer over cooking skills (How good the characters are at cooking various meals)
Pay 600 GRADETransfer over EX Gems (inventory)
Pay 400 GRADETransfer over EX Skills (equipped)
Pay 1000 GRADETransfer over Gald
Pay 20 GRADETransfer over Memory Gems
Pay 10 GRADETransfer over Minigame data
Pay 10 GRADETransfer over Monster Encyclopedia data
Pay 10 GRADETransfer over play time
Pay 50 GRADETransfer over recipes
Pay 10 GRADETransfer over Relationships (How much each character likes you)
Pay 25 GRADETransfer over the number of times you used certain spells/techs
Pay 1000 GRADETransfer over titles

Contributed By: Cybertic Dragon and flamerz.

Meltokio Coliseum

You'll get a title and weapon to each character who you use to beat the Coliseum advanced single mode. You get the weapons only if you've seen the scene behind the Vinheim door.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the advanced single mode with KratosConqueror // Excalibur
Beat the advanced single mode with PreseaDeadly Flower // Bahamut's Tear
Beat the advanced single mode with RaineGladiator Queen // Crystal Rod
Beat the advanced single mode with ZelosGrand Champion // Excalibur
Beat the advanced single mode with RegalKing of the Coliseum // Kaiser Greaves
Beat the advanced single mode with SheenaRose of Battle // Divine Judgment
Beat the advanced single mode with ColetteSuper Girl // Angel's Halo
Beat the advanced single mode with LloydSword of Swords // Valkyrie Saber
Beat the advanced single mode with GenisUltimate Kid // Final Player

Contributed By: Kratos_25.

Unlockable Titles for Colette Brunel

Here are the titles unlockable for this character.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
reach level 100Angelic Maiden
Have all the recipes and talk to the wonder chef using ColetteCharismatic Chef
reach level 20Chosen
Talk with all the dogs in the game using ColetteDog Lover
Don't run for a battle (You must control Colette)Don't Run
Get during sub-event "Dance Party" and talk to Colette during the partyFair Lady
Have nobody die until the battle with IubarisFriendship First
Automatically get it at SybakIll-fated Girl
At the Hot Spring, if you go peep on the girls a second time. Colette will eventually call herself an ironing board.Ironing Board
In the classroom,Iselia, Press A in front of the hole in the wallKlutz
Usu "Item Rover" and "Item thief" for a total of 400 timesLittle Pickpocket
Go to the castle in Meltokio, speak with everyone in the kitchen, and talk to the two women up the stairsMaid
Pick Colette during the beach event at AltamiraMermaid
Enter a battle with Colette poisoned and win the battle without curing itOblivious
Don't use special attacks for a battleSelf-control
use the same level 1 special attack for a battleSingle-Minded
You will get automatically it during the game in MeltokioSpiritua Reborn
Complete advanced single mode in coliseum using ColetteSuper Girl
reach level 40Tiny Angel
Complete the Waitress mini-game in PalmacostaTurbo Waitress

Contributed By: Saint Michael, blindhobo, dinobotmaximized, and chaoslinkmaster.

Unlockable titles for Genis Sage

Here are the title that you can unlock for this character

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Don't use gels on anybody until the fight with Pronyma. Genis must participate in this battle."I hate gels"
Pick Genis during the beach event at AltamiraBeach Comber
after the Martel Temple talk to Raine in the schoolBrotherly Love
Don't take damage ,don't attack for a battle. You must control GenisDependent
Get during sub-event "Dance Party" and talk to Genis during the partyEaster Sunday
Change weapons five times during a battleExperimental
collect all figurines and show them to Harley in AsgardFigurine Collector
Get during the sub-event Genis and Mithos' AdventureFriend
Go to the Palmacosta Academy when you reach Palmacosta for the first timeHonor Roll
Collect every item and speak to KotonItem Collector
have all the recipes and talk to the wonder chef using GenisLittle Chef
Use a magic for each element in one battleMagic Cycle
Learn "Meteor Storm" in HeimdallMana Master
reach level 20Sorcerer
Win all the levels of red light/green light game in Grand Tethe'alla BridgeStrategist
Use the wrong elemental spell on a monster(e.g lightning on a lightning monster) for a whole fightStudy, Harder!
Win the advanced single mode in Coliseum using GenisUltimate Kid
reach level 40Warlock

Contributed By: Saint Michael, Hulio_DeMan, blindhobo, dinobotmaximized, and aeonlord_7551.

Unlockable titles for Kratos Aurion

Here are the titles that you can unlock for this character.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
reach level 40Battle God
Complete advanced single mode at Coliseum using KratosConqueror
when you see the skit' Childhood Memory'Dad
have all the recipes and talk to the wonder chef as KratosGourmet Master
when you get to the part where Lloyd gets the Material Blade Kratos will join your party and receive the title and the tech JudgementJudgement
reach level 20Magic Swordsman
do three attacks followed by a special skill in battleTetra Slash
When Kratos re-join the party in Iselia human ranchTraitor
reach level 100War God

Contributed By: Saint Michael and fire_cloud25.

Unlockable titles for Presea Combatir

Here are the titles that you can unlock for this character.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Make a party with Presea,Regal,Zelos and Sheena.Associate
reach level 40.Axman
reach level 100.Bursting Girl
Win the advanced single mode in Coliseum using Presea.Deadly Flower
With Presea as your onscreen character, go to Altamira. Go to the Lezareno Company. Then go to the President's Office.Dream Traveler
Complete the "Devil Arms" side quest.Empty Soul
Pick Presea during the beach event at AltamiraFirst-timer at Sea
Guard break over ten times in one battleFragile Shield
Battle with tMonsters of the same type for more than five times.Hunter
Get during sub-event "Dance Party" and talk to Presea during the partyLittle Madam
Make a party with Presea and three males.Lone Girl
Have all the recipes and talk to the wonder chef using Presea.Master Chef
when you first go to Ozette, talk to a man named wells, then later on go to Altamira-the tombstone in the main area, and talk to him againMature Kid
Obtained during a skit on the world map when you need to go to the Lightning Temple. You must get this skit before going to the Lightning Temple)Paw Mania

Contributed By: Saint Michael, blindhobo, dinobotmaximized, and aeonlord_7551.

Unlockable titles for Raine Sage

Here is how you can unlock titles for this character

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Triet Ruins eventArcheological Mania
Go in battle with Raine and other three womenCrimson Rose
Beat the Advanced Single Class in the Meltokio Coliseum using RaineGladiator Queen
Get during sub-event "Dance Party" and talk to Raine during the partyGlamorous Beauty
After you receive the Unicorn HornGrand Healer
Raine uses the same item five times in a battleItem Keeper
Go up to the ruins in Asgard with Raine as your onscreen characterMaiden
Complete the Monster collection and talk to NovaMonster Collector
Die at least five times in a battleNever Say Never
Pick Raine during the beach event at AltamiraNo, Not the Sun!
Have all the recipes and talk to the wonder chef using RainePassable Chef?
reach level 40Professor
reach level 20Researcher
In Triet after the Triet RuinsSisterly Love
Finish a battle being the only party member alive.Survivor
reach level 100Wise woman

Contributed By: Saint Michael, dinobotmaximized, and blindhobo.

Unlockable titles for Regal Bryant

Here are the titles for this character

UnlockableHow to Unlock
reach level 40Battle Artist
Get during sub-event "Dance Party" and talk to Regal during the partyDandy
When the party discover that he is the presidant of a companyEl Presidente
talk to George in Altamira after you have killed VharleyEternal Sinner
With Regal as your onscreen character, go to Meltokio. Talk to the Wonder Chef on the left of the stairs to the castle.God of the Kitchen
Win Avanced Single mode in the Coliseum as RegalKing of the Coliseum
After watching Presea's Paw mania, complete the lightning temple and wonder around te world map for a bit and then watch the skit 'Paw'.Paw Dandy
reach level 100Perfect Battler
Use potions more than 5 times on Regal during battle.Potion King
Fall 3 times in a battlePratfall King
Pick Regal during the beach event at AltamiraSwimmer
Use a party with Regal and other three guysTestosterone
Have all the recipes and talk to the wonder chef as RegalTrue Chef
Fight against an enemy with over 8 levels in difference and win.Way of the Jungle

Contributed By: Saint Michael, blindhobo, and aeonlord_7551.

Unlockable titles for Sheena Fujibayashi

Here are the titles that you can unlock for this character

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Reach level 40.Acrobat
Escape from battle 50 times with Sheena in your party.Chicken
Win a battle using only Unison Attacks as Sheena.Combo Conductor
have the spirits of Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Ice, and ThunderElemental Summoner
Attempt to and cancel escaping three times in one battle with Sheena in your party.Indecisive
Have all the recipes and talk to the Wonder Chef as SheenaMaster Cook
Form a pact with all of the Summon Spirits.Master Summoner
Use Unison Attacks twice in a battle as Sheena.Party Comboist
Pick Sheena during the beach event at AltamiraQueen of the Beach
Win advanced Single mode in Coliseum as Sheena.Rose of Battle
With Sheena as your onscreen character, go to Mizuho. Talk to the guy in front of the Chief's house, go to the Temple of Lightning where you met VoltSuccessor
Form a pact with the Summon Spirits Undine and Volt.Summoner
Reach level 100.Ultimate Summoner
At the Hot Springs in Tethe'alla, after Lloyd is caught spying.WOW!
Obtained during the sub-event "Dance Party" by talking to Sheena during the party.You Look Great!

Contributed By: Saint Michael, dinobotmaximized, blindhobo, Jonny Dangerous, and Blk_Mage_Ctype.

Unlockable titles for Zelos Wilder

These are the unlockable titles for Zelos Wilder

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Fight a battle with 3 females and ZelosCasanova
Do 4 party commands in 1 battleCommander-in-Chief
Reach level 100Elegant Swordsman
Talk to every female as Zelos as the onscreen characer with the EX-skill Personal equippedGigolo
Equip Excalibur, Golden Helm, Hyper Guantlet or Blue Shield, Golden Armor, and Jet Boots and finish a battle with himGilgamesh
Reach level 40Gleaming Knight
Master all recipes then talk to the Wonder Chef in the Altamira CafeteriaGourmet Prince
Finish the Advanced Single Mode as Zelos in the ColiseumGrand Champion
Get during skit "Mizuho, the Mystical Village"Idiot Chosen
Hear Zelos' voice 50 times or more in 1 battleLoudmouth
DefaultMagic Swordsman
Beat the Meltokio Coliseum on any difficulty with Zelos. Then go to Zelos' house.Masked Swordsman
Get during sub-event "Dance Party" and talk to Zelos during the partyNarcissist
Complete sub-event "Swimsuit Event" then choose in the dialogue "Maybe Zelos"Pickup Artist
Complete sub-event "The Princess has been kidnapped"Princess Guard
Do a combo using 3 different types of normal attacks then a level 1,level2 or level 3 Special AttackTetra Slash

Contributed By: Shadowflare and blindhobo.

Unlocking all of Lloyd's Secret Titles

As you progress through the game, your characters can earn titles for themselves. After earning a title, you can go to the Status screen to change a character's title, which changes their stats and even their clothes in some cases. The following list shows how to get all of Lloyd's secret titles.

Note that this only shows how to get the secret titles you get through special means and side quests, not the titles you receive automatically throughout the main game.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
After Luin is fully restored, go to the dock and speak with Aifread. Choose to buy his boat, then speak to him againArrgh, Me Hearties (changes Lloyd's costume)
After the Flanoir doctor event, return to Altamira and speak with the woman outside the inn. Find her four children, then agree to go swimmingBeach Boy (changes Lloyd's costume)
Fight 256 battles in the Hard or Mania difficulty levelBerserker
Use 10 Shurtcuts during battleBoorish General
Do not run away from a single battle before defeating YuanBrave Soul
Complete a 60 hit comboCombo Expert
Complete a 100 hit comboCombo Master
Complete a 10 hit comboCombo Newbie
Complete a 30 hit comboComboist
Use the Wooden Sword until defeating KiliaEternal Apprentice
After Lloyd masters all 24 recipes, talk to the Wonder Chef in the Altamira Cafeteria with Lloyd as the on-screen characterGourmet King
Reach level 20Grand Swordsman
Defeat Rodyle with a party whose combined level is 145 or lessGung Ho
Reach level 100Holy Sword
Have Lloyd fight a battle alone with a party consisting of at least two peopleLone General
Reach level 40Master Swordsman
Correctly identify 100 men in the Uncle Game in TrietMidlife Crisis
Get during sub-event "Dance Party"Nobleman
Late in the game, go to the Hot Spring. After the initial event, go back and have the females enter the springPeeping Tom
Complete Advanced Single mode in the Colisseum with LloydSword of Swords
Complete Party mode in the Colisseum with Lloyd in the partyTactical Leader
After executing a basic three hit combo, execute a Level 1, 2, or 3 Tech afterwardsTetra Slash

Contributed By: UltimaterializerX and blindhobo.

Unlocking all of the secret Unison Attacks.

When the Unison Gauge is full in battle, you will be able to let loose Unison Atacks that allow all four party members to let loose one tech each. If two characters within the sequence use the right teachs, a secret Unison Attack can occur after the basic Unison Attack is complete. The following is a list of all of the game's secret Unison Attacks and the necessary techs and characters that unlock them.

Note that the timing or placement of the tech inputs are not important. So long as the right techs appear within the Unison Attack sequence, the secret Unison Attack will occur afterwards regardless. Also note that even though every secret Unison Attack has more than one tech combination for unlocking it, this table only lists one tech combination for each of them. Regardless of which techs you use to unlock the secret Unison Attacks, you only get one version of each secret Unison Attack anyway.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Hell Pyre (Zelos/Kratos) + Punishment, Dual Punishment, Finality Punishment, or Rising Punishment (Presea)Arch Wind
Sonic Thrust (Lloyd/Zelos/Kratos) + Sonic Thrust (Lloyd/Zelos/Kratos)Cross Thrust
Serpent Seal (Sheena) + Sonic Thrust (Lloyd/Zelos/Kratos)Dark Serpent
Beast (Lloyd) + Eruption (Genis/Zelos/Kratos)Fiery Beast
Punishment (Presea) + Lightning (Genis/Zelos/Kratos)Lightning Punishment
Tiger Blade (Lloyd) + Lightning (Genis/Zelos/Kratos)Lightning Tiger Blade
Mirage Seal (Sheena) + Sonic Thrust (Lloyd/Zelos/Kratos)Mirage Thrust
Lightning (Genis/Zelos/Kratos) + Pow Hammer (Colette)Mjollnir
Photon (Raine) + Ring Whirlwind, Ring Cyclone, or Whirlwind Rush (Colette)Photon Blast
Photon (Raine) + Tempest, Omega Tempest, or Psi Tempest (Lloyd)Photon Tempest
Photon (Raine) + Lightning Blade or Super Lightning Blade (Zelos/Kratos)Plasma Blade
Tiger Blade (Lloyd) + Pow Hammer (Colette)Pow Blade
Devastation (Presea) + Pow Hammer (Colette)Pow Devastation
Light Spear (Zelos/Kratos) + Pow Hammer (Colette)Pow Spear
Power Seal (Sheena) + Sonic Thrust (Lloyd/Zelos/Kratos)Power Thrust
Ray (Raine) + Cyclone, Explosion, Ground Dasher, Indignation, or Tidal Wave (Genis)Prism Stars
Hammer Rain (Colette) + Sonic Sword Rain or Sonic Sword Rain Alpha (Lloyd)Stardust Rain
Tiger Blade (Lloyd) + Lightning Blade (Zelos/Kratos)Thunder Tiger Blade

Contributed By: UltimaterializerX.

Unlocking the Secret Techs

Aside from the normal T and S type techs that are achieved through intuitive means, there are secret techs that can only be attained by completing certain tasks. The following is a list of all such techs.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Use Judgement and Holy Song 50 times each (learning the skill is random; keep using the required techs until she learns Holy Judgement).Colette's Holy Judgemnt
Use Pow Hammer 200 times with ice weapon equipped.Colette's Ice Hammer
Use pow hammer at least 200 times. When you use it thereafter, it has a chance of becoming a toss hammer, which can poison enemies.Colette's toss hammer
Use Indignation 50 times, then use Indignation when Genis is in Over Limit.Genis's Indignant Judgement
Use Fierce Demon Fang 200 times with earth weapon equipped.Kratos's Grave Blade
Equip the "Eternal Swordsman" title, equip the Material Blade, and when Lloyd is in Critical status, press X, A, and B (requires 100 Tech Points).Lloyd's Falcon's Crest
Use Fierce Demon Fang 200 times with earth weapon equipped.Lloyd's Grave Blade
Use Sonic Thrust 200 times with lightning weapon equipped.Lloyd's Lightning Thrust
Use Tiger Blade 200 times with lightning weapon equipped.Lloyd's Lightning Tiger
Use Rising Falcon 200 times with fire weapon equipped.Lloyd's Rising Phoenix
Use Swallow Dance 200 times with wind weapon equipped.Regal's Super Swallow Dance
Use Fierce Demon Fang 200 times with earth weapon equipped.Zelos's Grave Blade

Contributed By: UltimaterializerX and Barbarossa89.

Easter Eggs


In Toize valley mine you will find an white square as an enemy. That is Bacura the invincible block of Xevious, Namco\'s famous game( released in 1982)!!

Contributed By: Saint Michael.

Cameos From Other 'Tales' Games

After clearing 'Party Advanced Level' in the arena, there will be an Exhibition match with characters from other Tales games, and they are Garr, Farah Oersted and Meredy.

Contributed By: Kouli.


In the top-left corner of Flanoir, there are three statues. Look closely, and you can see that one of them is of Namco's oldest mascot, Pac-Man!

Contributed By: dotsdfe.


Free Money and Items

Though Zelos may be incredibly vain and idiotic, he does have a way with the ladies. Make Zelos your onscreen avatar, have his Personal EX Skill equipped, then talk to any of the female townspeople that you meet during your travels. They'll usually give you some Gald or an item.

Contributed By: discoinferno84.

Infinite All-divides

You can get so many All-divides you can carry. Here's the description how to get them:

1. Go to fight Fake. You can find fakes from three different places. Triet Ruins: When you enter there, go left and then north. There's a treasure chest and it's Fake. Meltokio Sewers: Very near the end. You can't miss it. Latheon Gorge: When you enter the cave, there's a tresure chest very near the entrance.
2. Make sure Colette is in your party and has elemental weapon or gem.
3. Use Item Thief/Rover to stole an All-divide.
4. Make sure you don't kill the Fake. If you do, that Fake is gone and doesn't come back.
5. Escape from the battle.
6. Enter it again and repeat this.

This way you can get so many All-divides as you want or you can carry. You can steal an All-divide from Fake as many times as you want. Just make sure Colette has elemental weapon/gem equipped and Fake doesn't die.

Contributed By: Kratos_25.

Infinite Elixers

Elixers is the godly medicine because it restores 100% HP and TP for a character. There is a way to obtain a max amount of these. Every time you beat Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced class in the Meltokio Colloseum, you will get one Elixer. Repeat Beginners class to save time over and over until you have max Elixer.

Contributed By: Chaos Control.

Kratos' training sessions

You can activate scenes where Kratos trains Lloyd. You can activate those by doing these things:

1. When you arrive to Palmacosta, talk to a soldier on the right side of Dorr's building.
2. When you've defeated the Windmaster and you get Raine back to your party, go to an inn where you have to pay 400 Gald per night.
3. After you escape from Asgard ranch and you go to Luin, go to that part of the town where was the inn. Talk to a man who stands outside a broken house.
4. In Hima, before you're going to the Tower of Salvation, talk to Kratos two times.

You have to activate first to do second, second to do third and third to do the last.

Contributed By: Kratos_25.

Maxwell, the Summon Spirit of Birth

Go to Exire. Go behind elder's house (it looks same as the other houses but it's above few steps). Walk forward a narrow path until you arrive to a grave-looking stone. Equip Ruby, Aquamarine, Opal and Garnet to your first four characters and then examine the stone.

HP: 60 000 TP: 800
EXP: 10 800 Gald: 8250
Strengths: none
Weaknesses: none
Techs: Dreaded Wave, Raging Mist, Gravity Well, Meteor Storm

This is a king of all Summon Spirits and you must have a Derris Emblem to battle him. When he uses Meteor Storm, use guard tech three times to guard it. You can evade other techs like normally. Maxwell isn't very hard, so this battle shouldn't be a problem. Recommended level for this is 60-65.

Contributed By: Kratos_25.

See Corrine in his true form

After Corrine has already died and you have defeated the Dark Dragon and walked through the doors in Mitho's Castle, go all the way back to Iselia. Once there you should see a skit involving Sheena hearing Corrine talking to her. After that go to the Temple Of Martel. Once there go to the place where you first met the angel. When you enter the area you should see a secret scene with Corrine in his true form.

Contributed By: GregCaldwell.

The cursed book of Niflheim

After you've obtained the sacred stone key item in Mithos's castle, go to Sybak, and examine the weird red book with an exsphere in one of the bookshelves at the library, then go to Heimdall and talk to the man near the windmill, after that, go back to Sybak and check the red book again, you will then enter the cursed book of niflheim, the most difficult dungeon in the game.

Contributed By: RainyLeon.

Enemy/Boss Tips

Easily defeat Volt without taking damage

Equip Sheena with the Card of Lightning (found in the Meltokio Sewers or bought in Mizuho), the Thunder Cape (found in the Toize Valley Mine), and a Paralysis Charm (dropped by Iapyx or bought in Asgard). This will make her immune to lightning, which is the only type of damage Volt deals. The downside to this is that Sheena will also deal lightning damage, which heals Volt. Either use any color quartz item (except purple) or have Sheena use S. Seal: Water on herself to change her attack attribute to something else. Now you can just walk up to Volt and smack him around while he futilely attempts to zap you. These remedies are temporary and will wear off, though, so watch the numbers showing the damage you do. When they turn green, Volt is getting healed and you need to change your attack attribute again. To keep your other characters safe and out of harm's way, set their third strategy option to Hold Position.

Contributed By: Kratos15354.