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Mystic Heroes


Expert survival mode

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Finish the game in survival modeExpert survival mode

Contributed By: N3k74r.


UnlockableHow to Unlock
beat the game in Easy modeM1 Rune
play Vs. mode 100 timesM10 Rune
For those with access to 4 controllers: Play a 4 player versus match (non co-op) in Multi Play to unlock M2: FusensoM2 Rune
beat the game in Normal modeM3 Rune
play and complete 10 co-op matchesM4 Rune
play 20 matchesM5 Rune
play and complete 20 co-op matchesM6 Rune
play 50 matchesM7 Rune
beat the game on hard with any characterM8 Rune
beat the game with all 4 characters on any difficulty settingM9 Rune
beat the first set of 4 levels on survival modeS1 Weapon
beat the second set of 4 levels on Survival modeS2 Weapon
After beating the third and final set of 4 levels in survival mode, you'll recieve the S3 Weapon, which makes your HP regenerate slowly. After you've beaten all 3 parts of survival mode, the expert survival mode will be unlockedS3 Weapon and Expert Survival Mode
beat expert survival (select hard on the menu after clearing all 3 normal survival)S4 Rune and S5 Rune
beat Expert Survival mode's third sectionS6 Weapon

Contributed By: Fidika, hideto, SaturoMenardis, MysticWeirdo, and Freedomc.