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Beyond Good & Evil

The Ranking

88.14% Overall Rank: 960
GameCube Rank: 35
2003 Games Rank: 951
2003 GameCube Rank: 35
Score based on 43 reviews


For centuries, the planet Hillys has been bombarded by a relentless alien race. In Beyond Good and Evil, a rebellious action reporter named Jade sets out to capture the truth behind the invasion. Armed with her camera, dai-jo staff, and fierce determination, you must guide Jade as she discovers shocking evidence leading to a horrific government conspiracy and is forced to battle an evil she cannot possibly fathom. With the ability to perform stealth techniques, dai-jo staff moves, and tag-team fighting combos, you can stop at nothing to expose the truth.
Release Date: December 11, 2003

Latest Reviews

Nintendo Life 01/02/06 Review 9 out of 10
AceGamez 07/04/06 Review 9 out of 10
Cubed3 01/19/04 Review 8.8 out of 10
GamingTrend 10/30/05 Review 90 out of 100
Cube UK 07/01/05 Review 9.4 out of 10
N-Europe 02/26/04 Review 8 out of 10
IC-Games 07/20/05 Review 90 out of 100
Gaming Target 01/19/04 Review 9.5 out of 10
Nintendo Spin 04/26/04 Review 9.3 out of 10
N-Insanity 10/22/04 Review 7.6 out of 10