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Disney/Pixar Finding Nemo


Push-Button Unlockables

This codes can be entered at the pause screen, level select screen, or during gameplay.

Y, B(2), X(3), Y(2), B(3), X(4), B, Y, X(3), B, X, Y, X(2), B, X(2), Y, X, B, X(3), YInvincibility
Y(3), B(2), X, B, Y, X, B, Y, B, Y, B, Y, X, Y(2)Level Select
Y, B, X, Y(2), B, X, Y, B, X, Y, B(2), X, Y, B, X, Y, B, X(2), Y, B, XUnlock End Credits
Y, B, X(2), B, Y(2), B, X(2), B, Y(2), X, B, Y, N, X(2), B, YUnlock Reward Level

Contributed By: barbarianbob.