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Men in Black II: Alien Escape



Enter the following cheats at the title screen when ''Press Start Button'' appears:

Up, Down, B, R, Left, L, Right, A, R, X, Up, R.Agent Data
X, L, B, L, Down, Y, R, Right, A, Left, R, Y.Alien Data
X, Up, L, Left, Y, A, R, B, Right, R, X, BAll Combat Skills
Up, Down, A, X, R, Y, Y, Left, B, L, L, RightAll Weapons at Full Power
R, Y, Down, Down, A, L, Left, X, Right, Y, R, L.Boss mode
Down, Up, A, X, Down, Up, A, X, L, L, X, B.Do Not Drop Weapon Levels
Left, A, Y, Up, A, Down, X, L, Left, R.Full Area Effect
Left, B, Y, Right, L, X, Left, R, R, YFull Beam
Left, Right, Up, Down, L, B, Y, R, Left, Down, X, XFull Bolt
Right, Up, X, L, Left, Left, L, Left, B, LeftFull Homing
L, R, B, L, Down, Up, L, Right, Left, AFull Spread
Right, A, R, Y, Up, L, A, Left, L, B, A, R.Invincibility
R, Y, Left, B, X, L, Left, Up, A, Down, L, XLevel Select
B, L, R, B, Y, Down, X, A, Right, L, A, Up.Unlock Secret FMVs

Contributed By: tiamold.