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Taz Wanted


Misc. Codes

.RTAll Art Gallery
#OPLevel Select
!WBNo whack in Boxes
*JCTwo Player Boss Games
?BNUnlock all Mini-Games

Contributed By: Enzan and N3k74r.


Art Galleries

Obtain a certain amount of money (bounty) in the game to unlock the art galleries.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
$ 10,000Art Gallery 01
$ 30,000Art Gallery 02
$ 60,000Art Gallery 03
$ 110,000Art Gallery 04
$ 185,000Art Gallery 05
$ 285,000Art Gallery 06
$ 535,000Art Gallery 07
$ 1,035,000Art Gallery 08
$ 1,785,000Art Gallery 09
$ 2,785,000Art Gallery 10

Contributed By: Lagoona.

Mini Games

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collect all 100 sandwiches in a levelMini Games

Contributed By: Hyperactive Sloth.