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The Sims


Password Cheats

Hit L and R together on the main menu to bring up the cheat menu the type the following passwords (enter again to remove the effect):

FREEALLAll objects are free
MIDASAll two player games,locked items, and skins
PARTY MUnlock 'Party Motel' two-player game
SIMSUnlock 'Play the Sims' mode at any time
FISH EYEYou can toggle between normal and first person view.

Contributed By: MrFortyFive, ignavia, and Jaxx4059.


Fill motives

To fill your motives and skip a day of work, simply evict your family from the house then move them back in. When you go to play this house again your sims will have full motive bars and get a day off work

Contributed By: Chaos_03.

Free monkey butler

To do this glitch you must first have a blown out light a meet major domo item and 20 simoleons total cost about 15,120 simoleons. First make a mess and then hire the monkey butler and as soon as he goes for the blown out light put a item in front of it so he can't get to it. Now as long as you do not put the item anywhere else the butler will wait and as soon as another mess is made he'll clean it , repair it or enertain your party guests better then the maid.

Contributed By: smartguyme.



Earn these items by accomplishing these feats in their respective chapters:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Get promoted to career level 9 (Chapter 5)2 swimming Pools
Cook dinner (Chapter 1)Aromaster Whifferpuffer Gold
Get promoted to career level 7 (Chapter 4)Artists Block
Raise 1st baby to kid (Chapter 5)Beach Simulater
Get through Chapter 5 in eight days or lessBearskin Rug
Get through the house in 24 hours or less (Chapter 1)Beejaphone Electric Guitar
Fix the TV (Chapter 1)Chairmaster Vanity Table
Throw raging party (Chapter 4)Club Abhi and Taylor’s Place (2 Player Mode)
Upgrade house (Chapter 2)Electronic Insect Control System
Complete all goals and move out (Chapter 2)Frat House (2 Player Mode)
Fix everything in the house (Chapter 2)Handyman unlocked
Get through Chapter 3 in eight days or lessHead in Curio Jar
Upgrade your home (Chapter 4)Heart Vibrating Bed
Clean up the house (Chapter 2)Maid unlocked
Get promoted to career level 8 (Chapter 5)Maid’s House (2 Player Mode)
Send both kids to Prep school (Chapter 6)Major Dormo (Monkey Butler)
Get promoted to career level 5 (Chapter 3)Master Suite Tub
Borrow $800 from Mom (Chapter 1)Museum (2 Player Mode)
Find a job (Chapter 1)Perspiraction Executive Treadmill
Greet & feed Bobo if you didnt yet (Chapter 6)Rhino head
Get promoted to job level 2 (Chapter 2)Slurp 'n' Burp Beverage Cooler
Get promoted to career level 6 (Chapter 4)Sonic Shower
Raise your 2nd baby to kid (Chapter 5)Sprinkler
Get promoted to career Level 4 (Chapter 3)Strip Poker Table
Get promoted to job level 3 (Chapter 2)Teppan'Yaki Table
Throw a raging party (Chapter 3)The Motel (2 player mode)
Bobo may appear if so greet and feed him (Chapter 4, 5 or 6)The Park (2 Player Mode)
Greet and give Bobo the bum food (Chapter 3)The Park (2 player mode)
Upgrade your home (Chapter 3)Tree Swing
Get through the house in eight days or less (Chapter 4)Wurl ‘N Hurl Jukebox

Contributed By: Starky27.