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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Game Passwords

At the password screen enter the symbols:

RRSLRAlt Donnie Costume
RSLMDAlt Leo Costume
RLSLSAlt Mikey Costume
SLSMMAlt Raph Costume
DDDMLAlt Sound Effects
LSMMSBonus Course 1
SSLDMBonus Course 2
MSSLDBonus Course 3
SRLMDBonus Course 4
LSDRMBonus Course 5
SRLMDCasey Jones Mode
DRLDSDonnie gains attack power
MLSDSDonnie: longer bandana/ 2x power up effect
MLMLSDonnie: shorter bandana/ 2x defense
LMLSDImproved weapon for Leonardo
MSRMMImproved Weapon for Michelangelo.
RDSRLImproved weapon for Raphael.
SSLDMLeo: Inf Shurikens
RSDMMLeo: longer bandana/ 2x power up effect
LDSMSLeo: shorter bandana/ 2x defense
RLMSMMikey: longer bandana/ 2x power up effect
MSSLDMikey: Inf Shurikens
RLDDRMikey: shorter bandana/ 2x defense
LSDRMPlaymates Toy Database
RSSSRRaph: longer bandana/ 2x power up effect
SDRMLRaph: shorter bandana/ 2x defense
LSLMLSplinter Mode

Contributed By: TriforceCaptre and Vader99341.



Things that can only be unlocked by doing the following:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Oroku Saki in story modeChallenge Mode
Beat Stage 1 as RaphCharacter: Casey Jones
Beat Stage 3 as any turtleCharacter: Evil Turtlebot
Beat Stage 6 as MikeyCharacter: Hun
Beat Oroku Saki as any turtleCharacter: Oroku Saki
Beat Shredder as any turtleCharacter: Shredder
Beat Dojo Stage as LeoCharacter: Splinter
Beat Challenge Mode as any turtleCharacter: Yoshi Hamato
Beat story mode with all four turtlesGembu Turtle Power
Beat game with all 4 turtlesOroku Saki fight

Contributed By: Vader99341 and hitmonchan.

Easter Eggs

Silly Walking Sounds

If you enter the classic Konami code (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A) on the title screen, you should hear the Turtles say ''Yeah!'' Now hit start and go to the story mode. Every time your turtle takes a step in one of the stages, a goofy ''boing!'' sound will be heard. Boing, boing, boing...

Contributed By: Cypher.

Special Holiday Costumes!

Set your GCN's date to October 31 and the Turtles will all be wearing pumpkins on their heads. A Halloween treat!

Set your GCN's date to December 25 and the Turtles will all be wearing little Santa hats! How cute! ^_^

Contributed By: DWX131415.