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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles


Free Boat Rides:

Once you gain the ability to travel to Mt Kilanda (Year 4) and Leuda/Lynari Desert (Year 5), look out for the items Kilanda Sulfur (Mt Kilanda) and Cactus Flower (Lynari Desert). You can trade these items with Tristan for increasingly valuable discounts.

Once you get a discount, it will apply to the entire caravan, which helps considerably in multiplayer, where you have to pay per head for boat rides.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Trade in either the Kilanda Sulfur or the Cactus Flower.20% Discount
Trade in both the Kilanda Sulfur and the Cactus Flower.50% Discount
Two years after getting the 50% discount, Tristan will offer to sell you the pass for 50,000 gil.Boat Pass (ride free for life)
Inside a destructable plant in the Lynari Desert. When approaching the boss's arena, instead of dropping into the pit, continue clockwise to find it.Cactus Flower
Find it in a treasure chest near the top of Mt Kilanda, in the area immediately before the boss.Kilanda Sulfur

Contributed By: JD Fedule.

Magic Rings

It's much more convinient to utilize Magic Rings instead of Magicite. You have a fair chance of obtaining one in the Rings' respective level, either from a Treasure Chest or after beating the Boss enemy. They will count as Artifacts/Treasures. They can be found easily by just repeatedly replaying the level, save the Life Ring. You must be on your 3rd try or higher to find it.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Chance of finding it in Conall CurachCure Ring
Chance of finding it on Mt. KilandaFire Ring
Chance of finding it in the Veo Lu SluiceIce Ring
Rare chance of finding it in Conall CurachLife Ring
Chance of finding it in the Selepation CaveThunder Ring

Contributed By: baconlabs.


The game can only be played on the GBA screens.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete a full set of mog stamps by collecting various stamps from all the Moogle Nests.Blazin' Caravans

Contributed By: .

Play Any Blazin' Caravans Course at Any Moogle House

Once you visit all 23 moogle houses and collect all 23 stamps, you will no longer need to go to a certain Moogle House to play a specific course. Any moogle house lets you play any of the different Blazin' Caravans tracks.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collect 23 Mog stampsPlay any Blazin' Caravns tack, no matter what Moogle House you're at

Contributed By: salty53.


Painting Mog and Its Effects

In Single Player Mode, whenever you enter a moogle house, Mog is in front of the fireplace. He asks you to paint him. You can make him look neat, but painting Mog has special effects. Whenever Mog says "Hang in there, kupo!" when you are in battle, he'll cast a spell provided you've made him put down the chalice. His color affects whether he'll cast a Fire spell, Blizzard spell, or a Thunder spell:

White/Haircut - Random
Red - Always Fire
Blue - Always Blizzard
Green - Always Thunder

Also, if you use the Game Boy Advance in Single Player Mode, you get the Multiplayer Mode Radar and your Bonus Condition. Mog's color also affects which Radar you get:

White - Map
Red - Monster Radar
Blue - Treasure Chest Radar
Green - Monster Data

Contributed By: hyrule89.

Receive 100,000 gil

Go to Alfitaria and talk to Knocfelna
-- collect a drop of myrrh --
Go back to Alfitaria and talk to Knocfelna again
-- wait until the year is odd --
Go to Marr's Pass and talk to Te Odo the female Selkie
-- collect a drop of myrrh --
Go to the east side of the Jegon River and talk to the disguised princess
-- leave via land, then return to the east side --
Knocfelna should be hanging around the Jegon River. Talk to him
-- collect another drop of myrrh --
Head over to the Fields Of Fum and find the Knocfelna talking to the princess
-- collect another drop of myrrh --
Go to Leuda by boat and witness Knocfelna's heated discussion with the princess. Talk to both of them, then leave
-- collect a drop of myrrh --
Return to Leuda and talk to the princess and Knocfelna again
-- leave via land and return to Leuda --
View cutscene
-- go all the way back to Alfitaria --
View cutscene
-- accept the gift of 100,000 gil from the princess --

Contributed By: LKG.