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Extra credit in a one-credit-only game

In order to unlock half the unlockables, you need to beat the whole game in one credit. Well, when you're on the last stock of your credit, unplug your controller and put it in the slot for player two. Hit 'start', and then keep going as player 2. The game will think you're still on your first credit.

Contributed By: BountyHunterSAx.


Unlock stages for Practice and Conquest mode

To unlock a stage for Practice mode, it must first be reached without continuing. The stage is only unlocked for the difficulty level it was played on (ie: reaching stage 3 on Easy will not unlock the Normal or Hard versions).

Conquest mode is unlocked the same way, except it doesn\'t matter what difficulty level is used.

Contributed By: ScientistPG.

Unlocking Galleries and Game Mode Option

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Play the game for 5 hours or complete the Trial Mode without continuingGallery 1
Play the game for 10 hours or clear the game on any difficulty setting.Gallery 2
Play the game for 20 hours or beat the game on Normal without continuing.Game Mode Option
Play the game for 15 hours or beat the game on Easy without continuing.Sound Test

Contributed By: bluberry.

Easter Eggs

Bullet Eater

In order to receive the "Dot Eater!" ranking upon completing a level, do not fire the Ikaruga even once. This means that you can't kill normal enemies or the boss of the stage, but rather you will have to dodge/absorb enemy fire in order to complete the level. This ranking does nothing but add extra challenge to the game.

Contributed By: Felix Arabia.


Extra Continues

For every hour of playing your amount of continues will go up to a maximum of 9 continues/6 hours. After 7 hours, you'll have unlimited continues.

Contributed By: bluberry.

Make the pause menu disappear

While playing the game, press start and a pause menu will come up. Press and hold X and Y together to make the menu disappear.

Contributed By: Kevman510.

View different demos.

In order to see different demos of how a stage is played out in Ikaruga, change the monitor type settings before going into demo mode. The different settings will show these types of demos:

Horizontal 1: This setting will show beginning tactics.
Horiztonal 2: This setting will show more advanced tactics.
Horizontal 3: This setting will show advanced tactics or bullet eater tactics.
Vertical 1&2: These settings will show increased difficulties.

Contributed By: Felix Arabia.