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Lost Kingdoms II


Duplicate any card

To accomplish this trick, you must have two separate saved games. You can't just save to a different file or memory card. Start a new game, abort the first mission, and save your progress in a separate file.

Now go to the VS mode and load your primary game (the one you want to copy your cards to) for player 1, and your new game for player 2. Wager whatever cards you want to duplicate, then lose to player 2. Load your new game, then save that game in however many slots you want (don't overwrite your primary game!) Go back to VS mode and load your primary game as player 1, and whichever copy of your new game as player 2. Win as player 1, and take back your cards, then go through all the duplicate new games, making wagers of whatever cards you want duplicated. This even works with the very expensive capture card!

Contributed By: Relle.


Unlockable Characters

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Defeat the neutral element boss monster in the 2nd area. Rather than returning to the beginning, continue west to another battle arena. Fight Helina and defeat her. You must have a skill of 6 or higher in neutral abilities.Helina in VS Mode.
Defeat Thalnos in Arena 2, head north to another arena. Fight Katia and beat her.Katia in VS Mode
Defeat the Kendarie Card Master Boss in the first region. Save your game.Kendarie Warrior in VS Mode
Beat Leod VIII in the Royal Tower Middle Level, save your game.Leod VIII in VS Mode
Beat the Royal Tower Upper Level, save your game.Rashiannu in VS Mode
Defeat Helena and Leod in Arena 2. Go to the northern-most door, defeat Thalnos. Save your game.Thalnos in VS Mode
Defeat a cultist you findi n battle. Save your game. He is marked as "Unknown"Urbur Cultist in VS Mode

Contributed By: Aspect Of Shadows and Buttered ToastMan.


Very cheap card trick

This trick lets you level up cards too easy, plus you can plow through levels and have basicly all your cards when you get to the bosses.

activate the Green Guardian combo (elf, elf lord, dark elf) and have the octobush on the field at the same time. The elves constantly heal you and the octobush, while the octobush constantly heal the elves. With this combination, you can beat most of the levels with out even using other cards. They just follow you killing everything that gets near while you can sit there and worry about nothing cause everyone is always getting healed.

To level up cards very easy, goto the Fossil Boneyard towards the end where you are surrounded by baby dragon caves. Just do the trick there and leave the game on for however you like and the elves will just slaughter everything that pops out the caves.

Contributed By: happyscrub1.