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The Sims Bustin' Out


Cheat Gnome

You must use the Cheat Gnome to use the cheats "Fill All Motives" and "Give Money". The Cheat Gnome will appear at the front of your property. Click on it to use these two cheats. In addition, you will get a daily call to recieve Simoleons. Exception: Mom's House.

Down, L, Z, R, Left, XCheat Gnome

Contributed By: supernintendosp.

Clothing and items

Pause the game and enter the following codes.

Down,R,left,X,DownAction "Fill All Motives" will appear on gnome
R,L,Z,Right,Left,BAction "Give Money" will appear on gnome
L, Y, A, R, LeftAll Clothes Unlocked
Down, Z, Up, Y RAll Items Unlocked
Down, Z, R, L, ZUnlock All Locked Locations(Vist only)
L, R, Down, A, YUnlock All Locked Social Interactions
R, Z, DownUnlock Team Photo in Credits

Contributed By: emeraldboy247, freaks_n_motion, and Poyudi Hytori.

Home Sick

While in-game press the d-pad up, R, Z, and d-pad down. You should here a woman sim go "oooh" which confirms you entered it correctly. Now when you move to your mom's house all your stats (like sleep, not job stats) will go up to about 3/4 full and when you leave her house they will go up to full. NOTE. This only works if you go to mom's house, not anywhere else. Also Note visiting mom does not work must move out.

Contributed By: Jacer51.


Get Roommate's Skills

If you have a GBA connection established, and you are in Bustin' Out mode, have your sim go to Simvalley from the car/scooter. On his/her way there, select a roommate with high skills that you are living with. Keep this sim selected untill yours leaves. If you do this correctly, the roommate will be transported onto the GBA. Return as usual and check your sim's skills. They will be the same as said roommate.

Contributed By: that funky monkey.

How to get out of paying bills

When you get your mail and your character goes to put th bills on a surface, quickly press b to cancel the command. Right afterwards when your sim is starting to put the bills on the ground pause the game and move a newspaper or other item over the block where your sim is putting the bills. when your sim puts the bills on the ground, the will disappear!

Contributed By: Tim12321.


More Simoleons without effort.

For this to work you need a GBA and link cable. Connect the GBA to the GC and switch on during gameplay. Purchase the Game Arcade for $99. With the GBA on play the Arcade and when the load bar starts on the GBA, pause the GC. This way as you play the mini game your stats will not change, you can spend days on end making money with only minimal impact on your sim.

Contributed By: Arokh.

Never sleep again

Sleeping is the standard way to recover energy in the sims, but it takes so long...There are two ways you can avoid sleeping at all, but still top off your energy quickly. here they are.

#1- Coffee machine or Slushrush smoothie counter
One of the best ways to prevent energy from falling to zero is to guzzle coffee or slush drinks until you have a full bar. I recommend the smoothie bar over the coffee machine because it not only restores more energy, it also restores comfort and hunger. Beware, though. you need to use the toilet often while topping off your sleep gauge.

#2- Bug zapper
Ever wondered what good the bug zapper was actually FOR? well, in addition to providing mild amusement for your sim, it can "recharge" his batteries. Touch the bug zapper about 6 times, and you have a full energy gauge, even from zero. painless, right? well, actually, it wasn't so painless for your sim. comfort has probably dropped to zero after you get done, so recover it with a dip in the hot tub or a nice sit on the couch.

Contributed By: Digitresden.