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James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing



Enter these codes at the Pause screen to use them. (Note that you must have earned enough Platinum rankings for them to be active)

X,Y,A,A,XAll Weapons
X, X, A, X, YDouble Ammo
X,Y,Y,B,XDouble Damage
X,X,Y,B,BFull Ammo
X,Y,Y,A,XFull Battery
X, Y, A, X, YGolden Gun
X, B, B, A, XImproved Battery
X, A, A, B, YImproved Traction
X,B,B,X,APlatinum Gun
X,B,Y,A,YSlow Motion Driving
X,A,B,A,XUnlimited Ammo
X,B,X,B,YUnlimited Battery

Contributed By: MnR devastator, LosT1216, Gannon2157, and Rare Trick.


Blow up Gas Pumps Easily

On the rail level, A Show of Force, when you get to the road block at the gas station, shoot the gas pumps before the little cutscene starts with the roadblock forming, if you blow them up before hand, as soon as the cutscene is over, all the roadblock will be destroyed as if you had shot them under fire of the roadblock. (you will still earn the Bond Moment)

Contributed By: Rok Bloom.

Bypass Objective in ''The Platinum War''

On the Platinum War, you dont have to do the objectives in order...
You can bypass the objective in which you must destroy the pillars under the Kremlin by simplying destroying them before disarming the bomb. If you do it before disarming the bomb, there will be no tanks there to fight you and you can take out the pillars quickly without losing health. After destroying the pillars, continue down the path and disarm the bomb. You will have the full amount of time, but now you only need to get out and take out the helicopter. The game will give you credit as if you took out the pillars under tank fire.

Contributed By: Rok_Bloom.

Use ammo without it counting

In certain levels of the game, a platinum objective must be achieved by either using little or no ammo. I found these levels are made easier with this secret. If you dive forward or to the side while shooting, for some reason the game does not count you as shooting the weapon. Dive and shoot as many times as you want, and it won't count it as using ammo. As an added bonus, it will count it in the scoring at the end of the level, which means you can get unusually high amounts of weapon accuracy and effeicence. An example would be firing 0 rounds but having 67 hit, resulting in an accuracy rating of around 830%.

Contributed By: Fierce Deity.



Heres a list on the different gadgets throughout the game and how to unlock them:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete "The Pontchartrain Bridge"EMP Grenade
Complete "Ground Zero"Frag Grenade
Complete "Diavolo's Plan"Network Tap
Complete "Sand Storm"Q-Cloak
Complete "Sand Storm"Q-Spider
Complete "Diavolo's Plan"Q-Spider Dart
Complete "A Show of Force"Q-Spider Explosive
Complete "Diavolo's Plan"Q-Spider Nano
Complete "Ground Zero"Rappel
Complete "Sand Storm"RC Car
Complete "Sand Storm"Sleeper Dart
Complete "Sand Storm"Strobe Grenade
Complete "Ground Zero"Thermovision

Contributed By: theoliver5000.

Gold medal unlockables

unlockables that are unlocked by getting a certain number of gold medals

UnlockableHow to Unlock
12 Gold medalsCayenne weapon upgrade
27 Gold medalsGallery
6 Gold medalsHelicoptor weapon upgrade
20 Gold medalsKatya
17 Gold medalsMiss Nagai
14 Gold medalsMya
24 Gold medalsNanotank weapon upgrade
1 Gold medalProduction Still 1
18 Gold medalsProduction Still 10
19 Gold medalsProduction Still 11
22 Gold medalsProduction Still 12
23 Gold medalsProduction Still 13
25 Gold medalsProduction Still 14
2 Gold medalsProduction Still 2
3 Gold medalsProduction Still 3
4 Gold medalsProduction Still 4
5 Gold medalsProduction Still 5
7 Gold medalsProduction Still 6
9 Gold medalsProduction Still 7
13 Gold medalsProduction Still 8
16 Gold medalsProduction Still 9
8 Gold medalsSerena
10 Gold medalsTank weapon upgrade
21 Gold medalsTriumph (motorcycle) weapon upgrade
11 Gold medalsUnderworld
15 Gold medalsVanquish weapon upgrade

Contributed By: MnR devastator.

Multiplayer Unlockables

Multiplayer points are earned by completing objectives/missions in cooperative mode. As you obtain more multiplayer points you will begin to unlock new characters to use in multiplayer modes as well as a new stages for ''Arena'' mode.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
290 multiplayer pointsUnlock Agent 003
50 multiplayer pointsUnlock Baron Samedi
370 multiplayer pointsUnlock Burn Chamber arena
30 multiplayer pointsUnlock Cistern arena, as well as "Arena" mode
400 multiplayer pointsUnlock Diayato Moscow
90 multiplayer pointsUnlock Egypt Commander
180 multiplayer pointsUnlock Egypt Guard
110 multiplayer pointsUnlock Hezmet Guard
320 multiplayer pointsUnlock Katya Jumpsuit
260 multiplayer pointsUnlock Le Rogue
450 multiplayer pointsUnlock Miss Nagai
230 multiplayer pointsUnlock Moscow Guard
130 multiplayer pointsUnlock Mya
70 multiplayer pointsUnlock Odd Job
350 multiplayer pointsUnlock Serena
430 multiplayer pointsUnlock Serena
210 multiplayer pointsUnlock South Commander
160 multiplayer pointsUnlock Test Lab arena

Contributed By: Rare Trick.

Platinum Medals

To get a platinum medal, you have to do the following in the ''00 Agent'' difficulty:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the Mission in 3:00 or lessA Long Way Down Platinum
Reach the Extraction Point in 0:45 or lessA Show of Force Platinum
Reach Jaws without taking any damageAn Old Friend Platinum
Go from hideout to compound in 0:45 or lessBattle in the Big Easy Platinum
Complete the mission taking 100 pts of damage or lessDeath of an Agent Platinum
Complete the mission in 3:45 or lessDeath's Door Platinum
Complete the mission taking 500 pts of damage or lessGround Zero Platinum
Reach Van in 0:45 or lessMardi Gras Mayhem Platinum
Destroy the General's base in 0:45 or lessSand Storm Platinum
Get to the bottom of the fortress in 1:55 or lessSerena St. Germaine Platinum
Complete the Mission using no ammoThe Kiss Kiss Club Platinum
Fire 10 rounds of ammo or lessThe Ruined Tower Platinum
Complete the Mission in 2:10 or lessTrain Chase Platinum
Complete the mission in 4:00 or lessVertigo Platinum

Contributed By: BXBomber.

Secret levels

Unlock two special levels by completing the game.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the final missionMI6 Combat Simulator
Beat the final missionMI6 Survival Test

Contributed By: garudian.

Unlock Upgrades

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Earn 17 Platinum MedalsAll Weapons
Earn 13 Platinum MedalsCloak
Earn 7 Platinum MedalsDouble Ammo
Earn 9 Platinum MedalsDouble Damage
Earn 11 Platinum MedalsFull Ammo
Earn 15 Platinum MedalsFull Battery
Earn 1 Platinum MedalGolden Gun
Earn 5 Platinum MedalsImproved Battery
Earn 3 Platinum MedalsImproved Traction
Earn 27 Platinum MedalsPlatinum Gun
Earn 25 Platinum MedalsSlow Motion Driving
Earn 23 Platinum MedalsUnlimited Ammo
Earn 19 Platinum MedalsUnlimited Battery

Contributed By: Omega Titan 99.

Easter Eggs

A happy sun in the sky

On the highway level where you disable Jaws's Tanker play normally until the point where Jaws switches sides of the highway and starts driving into oncoming traffic. At this point stop, and turn around, but do not cross the highway. Up in the sky beyond the other side you should see a nice happy sun floating in the sky.

Contributed By: Lollybomb.

Interview with cast

To see an interview with most of the cast members including Mya, Pierce Brosnan, Shannon Elizebeth, William Dafoe, John Cleece, and Heidi Klum, go to the options, select credits, and hit A to skip past the credits to get to the interviews.

Contributed By: MnR devastator.


Dirt bike instead of Cayenne

In the mission Train Chase when you're supposed to run to the left to get to the Cayenne there is another path to the right which leads to something that looks like a garage with a roof. In it is an enemy dirt bike whch they use throughtout the level by the enemies to attack you. Go up to it and press Y to get on. The only weapons are missles. The rest of the level is the same as if played with the Cayenne.

Contributed By: crusinonDUBS.