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Donkey Konga


Donkey Konga mini-games

Collect the required number of coins in the Street Performance mode to be able to buy the following mini-games on the DK Town - Monkey Shines screen. These can be played in the Ape Arcade.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
4800 coins100m Vine Climb (1 or 2 players)
5800 coinsBanana Juggle (1 or 2 players)
5800 coinsBash K. Rool (1 player)

Contributed By: Tomos ANTIGUA Tomos.

Donkey Konga Sound Sets

To get some diffrent types of sounds made by the bongos you will need to collect the right amount of coins in street performance mode to be able to buy them in the DK Town - Bongoes A Go-Go.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
1050 coinsBarnyard Set
88 coinsBig Band Set
66 coinsCar Set
2220 coinsClassical Orchestra Set
460 coinsCold Set
49 coinsCountry Set
11 coinsDogs Set
25000 coinsElectrical Drum Set
333 coinsJingle Set
2599 coinsKirby Set
64 coinsKonga Crew Set
77 coinsLaser Space Set
1900 coinsLatin Percussion Set
4599 coinsMario Set
912 coinsQuiz Set
14900 coinsToy Set
707 coinsWhip It Set
4599 coinsZelda Set

Contributed By: Radio Sonic.

How To Unlock Gorilla Mode Songs

To unlock the songs you need to play music in Gorilla Mode head on over to DK Town and visit Jungle Jams where you'll find all the songs.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
1313 CoinsAll The Small Things Song
25 CoinsBingo Song
800 CoinsBusy Child Song
580 CoinsCampfire Medley Song
1745 CoinsDancing In The Street Song
365 CoinsDiddy's Ditties Song
6800 CoinsDK Rap Song
100 CoinsDonkey Konga Theme Song
1848 CoinsHungarian Dance No.5 In G Minor Song
99 CoinsI Think I Love You Song
848 CoinsKirby: RIght Back At Ya! Song
1898 CoinsLike Wow Song
1990 CoinsLouie Louie Song
4900 CoinsMario Bros. Theme Song
1600 CoinsOn The Road Again Song
2250 CoinsOye ComoVa Song
380 CoinsPara Los Rumberos Song
250 CoinsPokémon Theme Song
1200 CoinsRight Here, Right Now Song
980 CoinsRock Lobster Song
644 CoinsRock This Town Song
1005 CoinsShining Star Song
12 CoinsSing,Sing,Sing,(With A Swing) Song
1599 CoinsStupid Cupid Song
1399 CoinsThe Impression That I Get Song
4900 CoinsThe Legend Of Zelda Theme Song
2060 CoinsThe Loco-Motion Song
331 CoinsTurkish March Song
69 CoinsWe Will Rock You Song
590 CoinsWhat I Like About You Song
707 CoinsWhip It Song
580 CoinsWild Thing Song
3395 CoinsYou Can't Hurry Love Song

Contributed By: devilhawk.