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Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue


Gameplay Codes

Enter these codes during gameplay:

START, START, Y, START, START, Y, X, A, X, AReceive 100,000 Opals
START, START, Y, START, START, Y, B, X, B, AReceive all of the Bunyip Keys
START, START, Y, START, START, Y, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHTReveal all Items (Krome Orbs, Bilbies, Opals, ect...)
START, START, Y, START, START, Y, X, B, X, BUnlock the Level 1 Boomerangs
START, START, Y, START, START, Y, B, X, B, YUnlock the Level 2 Boomerangs

Contributed By: Glomerate.



You need to collect enough opals to buy these at the boomerang shop in Burramudgie. They're the red eggs.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
2000 OpalsFirerang
2000 OpalsFrostyrang
4000 OpalsInfrarang
4000 OpalsLasharang
6000 OpalsMegarang
5000 OpalsSmasharang
4000 OpalsZappyrang

Contributed By: Nadnerb.

Cost of upgrading/buying boomerangs from Sly's Shack

You need to collect a amount of opals to upgrade/buy these boomerangs.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
30000 opalsDeathrang
8000 opalsFreezerang
12000 opalsKaboomerang
8000 opalsLavarang
8000 opalsMultirang
14000 opalsOmegarang
10000 opalsThunderang
10000 opalsWarperang

Contributed By: wellington.

Secret Cut-Scene

Complete the game, get the full 100% and you will be greeted by a special cut-scene to watch.

Contributed By: Glomerate.

Easter Eggs

Regaining life fast

When you get hit, you can go swim underwater come back up and have full health.

Contributed By: wellington.