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The Incredibles



ROTAIDALGbattle mode unlocked
EMODEBrightness/bright colors
YOURNAMEINLIGHTScredits sequence
THEDUDEABIDESdeactivate all codes
SMARTBOMBDestroys everything nearby
BOAPLACEeasier game
FLEXIBLEElastigirl gets infinite incredi-power
DANDRUFFhenchmen always launch death shrapnel
invertcameraXhorizontal camera control switched
MCTRAVISinfinate incredi-power to mr incredible or elastagirl
HIintroduction sequence
labombemake bombs weaker
BOAPLACEMakes game 20% easier
SHOWTIMEMr. Incredible gets infinite incredi-power
invertturreton nomasian island and the firepitlab, the turrets(shooting mechanism) controls are reversed
KRONOSOne hit kills
UUDDLRLRBASRestores 25% health
danieltheflashsame effect as dashlikes
GAZERBEAMShoot out laser for a short period of time
deevolvesmall head mode
discorulessome objects flash different colors
SASSMODESpeeds up gameplay
DASHLIKEStemporary infinite incredi-power while playing as dash
Bhudtoggle hud
ILIEMIAOWUnlocks all levels
invertcameraYvertical camera control switched

Contributed By: FlamingSaiyan, supersonicj11, jh51681, Hulkster92, chris2x950, and Justinakacube.


Apartment Inferno Trick

The fire jets in the walls can be easily bypassed easily by rolling. (Hold R+direction+A) Even when the jets are are actually spewing fire you will not take any damage whatsoever.

Contributed By: nightfire818.

Easter Eggs

Various Toy Story References

In Dash's first Mission "Late for School" there are several references to Toy Story, such as the Pizza Planet Delivery Truck, and the moving truck with the boxes falling out.

Contributed By: DrakonFyre.