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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory


Unlock all Levels

In the Solo / Co-Op Menu:
Press and Hold the “Left” and “Right” Triggers

Press “X” 5 Times Press “Y” 5 TimesUnlock all Levels

Contributed By: four80.


Keypad Codes

Use these codes to open doors that use keypad locks.

Note: Missions 1, 2, 6, and 8 contain no keypad locks.

3901Mission 3: Bank - Code to bank's back door.
3490Mission 3: Bank - Code to keypad before the President's Office.
3624Mission 3: Bank - Code to left & right security booths on first floor.
2306Mission 3: Bank - Code to main security room.
8645Mission 3: Bank - Code to Treasurer's Office.
0280Mission 4: Penthouse - Code to Dvorak Room.
2109Mission 5: Displace - Code to central server room.
2346Mission 5: Displace - Code to CEO's meeting room.
2609Mission 5: Displace - Code to CEO's office.
8136Mission 5: Displace - Code to door between meeting room and lobby on the first & second floors.
3485Mission 5: Displace - Code to fire escape.
1879Mission 7: Battery - Code to shipping area.
3650Mission 9: Bathhouse - Code to Owner's Office.

Contributed By: RockWarrior.