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Tak: The Great Juju Challenge


Hidden Extras

Use the blessing shrine and enter the following codes to unlock some hidden artwork and songs.

44 Fruits, 55 Crystals, 11 BugsUnlocks a Vehicle Art slideshow in the extras menu
3 Fruits, 18 Crystals, 6 BugsUnlocks an extra tune in the extras menu
34 Fruits, 49 Crystals, 83 BugsUnlocks World Art slideshow in the extras menu

Contributed By: TimmyVermicelli.



Go to the Juju Realm and to the potions Screen. Select universal Card and enter these amounts.

6 18 3Bonus Music
20 17 5Bonus Sound Effects
33 22 28Juju Concept art
67 8 20More Bonus Music
48 57 57More particle effects
24 40 11Particle effect
11 55 44Veichle concept art
83 49 34World Concept art

Contributed By: Weremouse.