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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe


Cheat Mode

This code must be entered in order for most of the cheats to work. At the title screen, press the A button, then hold both the L and R buttons simultaneously and press Down, Down, Right, Up on the D-Pad. If entered correctly, the text that says "Please Press Start to Begin" will turn green.

Contributed By: B.lu4R.

Level Select

Press the following code in the level select screen to unlock all levels.

Press Up, Up, Right, Right, Up, Right, Down on the D-pad while holding the L buttonLevel Select

Contributed By: B.lu4R.

Pushbutton Codes

Push the corresponding buttons while playing the game.

Press Down, Left, Right, Down, Down on the D-pad while holding the L button10,000 Extra Coins
Hold L and press Up, Up, Right, UpFill Combo Meter
Press Down, Up, Down, Right, Right on the D-pad while holding the L buttonInvincibility
Press Down, Left, Down, Left, Down, Right, Down, Right, Up on the D-pad while holding the L buttonSkip the current level
Hold L and press Down, Left, Right, Left, UpUnlock All Abilities in Inventory

Contributed By: B.lu4R and SBAllen.

Restore all Children's Health

Cheats can be activated while in game.

Hold 'L' & press 'Down', 'Left', 'Left', 'Right' on D-PADRestore all Children's Health

Contributed By: ninjitsu_monkey.

Unlock All Bonus Levels

While on the Bonus Drawer:

Hold L and press Down, Down, Right, Right, Down, Right, UpUnlock All Bonus Levels

Contributed By: SBAllen.


Bonus Content

Complete the indicated percentage of the game to unlock extra features and levels.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
36%Bonus Level - Allies Enclave
78%Bonus Level - Follow Aslan
48%Bonus Level - Frozen Lake
62%Bonus Level - The Great River
97%Bonus Level - The Witch's Castle
24%Bonus Level - To Western Wood
89%Movie - Concept Art Blend Tests
12%Movie - Edmund Recording Session
69%Movie - From Concept to Game
16%Movie - Lucy Recording Session
3%Movie - Peter Recording Session
54%Movie - Prototype Battlemarch Demo
42%Movie - Story Boards
6%Movie - Susan Recording Session
30%Movie - The Making of Narnia
100%Movie - Unused Models

Contributed By: B.lu4R.