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Mega Man Battle Network 3: White Version


Error Codes

If you attempt to use a Program of a color your current style does not support,you will get an error and be unable to boot up MegaMan until the problem is fixed.
You can bypass these errors once you have purchased the ModTools at Beach Street.When the error number appears,press Select and input the code to counter.

GYU2OPZQCounter Error A1
3GKQ2RSQCounter Error A2
L013ZXMECounter Error A3
JHGIUTOPCounter Error B1
ALSK3W2RCounter Error B2
Y2U0MNCBCounter Error B3
1LSKUTOBCounter Error B4
BM2KWIRACounter Error B5
UTI3OMDHCounter Error B6
X2CD3KDACounter Error C1
UTIXM1LACounter Error C2
WS1FS1AQCounter Error D2C
OI1UWMANCounter Error D2G
P3TOSIISCounter Error D2S
P213MSJLCounter Error E1
UTIR1SO2Counter Error E2
QSAO3C3LCounter Error F1
NC1FKSA2Counter Error F2
ITA2CRWQCounter Error F3
TIS1LAEJCounter Error G2C
CVVDS2WRCounter Error G2G
TUIEO23TCounter Error G2S
A3DJMNB1Counter Error H1
UTIW2SMFCounter Error H2
SK3LROT1Counter Error H3 (AntiDmg)
TU1AW2LLCounter Error S2C
AX1RTDS3Counter Error S2G
F2AAFETGCounter Error S2S

Contributed By: electrosho, RandyPandy, and ShadoCatz.

EX Codes for Navi Cust

If you have the ModTools and there are no Errors in the NaviCust, extra codes can be entered to give MegaMan a power boost. To enter these, press the 'Select' button after 'Running' the NaviCust program and then enter the code.
Note: 1 = first strange symbol, 2 = second strange symbol, 3 = third strange symbol.

L3KJGUEOAntiDamage / Kiwarimi Magic
SI1IEMGOBreak Buster
SKDSHUEOBreak Charge
SJH1UEKAHumor / HumorSense
UIEU2NGOSneakRun / ShinobiDash
KTEIUE2DSuper Armor

Contributed By: RandyPandy.

Shrink Navi Customizer Programs

In the Navi Customizer Screen, move the highlight over the name of the program that you want to shrink (and has not been shrunk yet). Hold the 'Select' button, and key in the corresponding code.

NOTE: 1,2, and 3 stand for the 3 weird characters, the first of which is 1, second is 2, and third is 3.

L, Left, R, A, Right, DownAntiDmg
R, A, B, Down, L, LBrakBstr
B, A, Left, L, Up, BBrakChr
R, L, R, Down, Left, B, RDarkLcns
Up, R, A, Left, Right, RightHumour
Right, R, Down, R, L, LeftMegFldr1
A, R, Down, Down, Right, LeftMegFldr2
B, R, Right, Right, L, LSetMetal
Left, A, A, B, Up, LeftSetSand
Up, Left, Right, L, Up, RShdwShoes
up B B down A RShrinks Airshoes
right R right R L leftShrinks Battery
A down A A R AShrinks Beat
down B up down A leftShrinks Block
B down up B down BShrinks BugStop
down A R R L left leftShrinks BusterMAX
B down right R right rightShrinks Collect
right right right up left BShrinks Custom1
A down up down R downShrinks Custom2
B down A R left RShrinks Fastgauge
L R down up left rightShrinks Fish
L down A down R B upShrinks GigFldr1
B left A down down up LShrinks Hubbatch
A R left B B AShrinks Jungle
up right A A R upShrinks OilBody
B up A left left BShrinks Reflect
L A down B B BShrinks Rush
left right down R down RShrinks Shield
R L B down down downShrinks SneakRun
A down left L L RShrinks Tango
left up B L left upShrinks Undershirt
Up, Right, Up, R, Up, DownSprArmor

Contributed By: BountyHunterSAx and ShadoCatz.

SP navis

Highlight Continue, hold Left, press R, R, L, R, L, R, L, L (after getting first 5 stars)Fight SP Navis

Contributed By: WhiteDragon Nall.

Variable Sword Codes

When having the VarSword chip in battle hold down A button and enter these codes quickly.

B, B, Left, Down, UpElement Sonic
Left, Down/Left, Down, Down/Right, RightFighter Sword
Down, Left, Up, Right, DownLife sword
Down, Down/Right, RightLong Sword
Left, B, Right, BSonic Boom
Up, Right, DownWide Sword

Contributed By: Chivaro.


Numberman passwords

In Higby's shop, you'll see Numberman who'll give you chips and other goodies if you enter the right passwords.

23415891Receive Airshoes Navi Customizer Block
15789208Recieve AirShot3 * chip
01697824Recieve CopyDmg * chip
56892168Recieve FullEnrg Subchip
99826471Recieve FullEnrg Subchip
33157825Recieve GaiaBlde * chip
95913876Recieve GtStrght S chip
03284579Recieve HeroSwrd P chip
21247895Recieve HiCannon * chip
87824510Recieve LockEnmy Subchip
57789423Recieve MiniEnrg Subchip
86508964Recieve MiniEnrg Subchip(again)
90690648Recieve Mr Famous's Wristband Key Item
50098263Recieve Muramasa M chip
67918452Recieve QuickGge Navi Customizser Block
65497812Recieve Salamndr * chip
19878934Recieve SetSand Navi Customizer Block
24586483Recieve SneakRun Subchip
11002540Recieve SpinBlue Key Item
28274283Recieve SpinGrn Key Item
72563938Recieve SpinRed Key Item
77955025Recieve SpinWht Key Item
31549798Recieve Spreader * chip
76889120Recieve StpCross S chip
54390805Recieve Thndrblt * chip
88543997Recieve Tsunami * chip
35331089Recieve Unlocker Subchip
05088930Recieve Untrap Subchip
46823480Recieve Untrap Subchip(again)
63997824Recieve VarSword F chip
41465278Recieve WpnLV +1 Navi Customizer Block

Contributed By: strawhat.


11th chip trick

This trick will allow you to use the 2nd chip in your folder at any point in battle. First, you need Custom Style to fully level up, then get another Custom Style and begin leveling it up. You need enough Custom+ NaviCust programs to total Custom+5. Install said NaviCust parts. Now, in battle, load up any chip, then hover the cursor over the 10th chip and press right. The picture will show an ''11th'' chip. Now, there are two ways to go from here. If the 11th chip can normally be selected with the chip you've currently got selected, you can select it now and the chip in your first slot will become the second chip in your folder (the second chip in the list when viewing the full contents of your folder). If the 11th chip does NOT match, you can also deselect the selected chip(s) and select the 11th chip. Instead of getting the 11th chip in battle, you will get the 2nd chip in your folder! Really useful with the 2nd chip being a ProtomanV5 chip, etc.

Contributed By: netPikatron.

Chip Duplication

In 2-player versus, the game can be fooled into copying wagered chip data, allowing players to duplicate chips. This glitch works in both versions.

First, start up the game and begin a Real match, in which the winner gets a chip from the loser's pack. Once the battle is over and the Battle Result screen appears, the winner must press A once to reveal the chip he just won. Once the chip is revealed, the loser must turn off his game without pressing any buttons. This will let the loser keep his otherwise lost chip while still putting it in the winner's chip pack, duplicating the chip.

Make certain that the loser is the one to turn off his game; if the winner turns off his game, the winner will not keep the chip while the loser still loses it, destroying the chip.

Contributed By: Altimadark.


7 Stars

There are 7 stars you can get, which will appear next to the main title screen once you satisfy the objectives.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete your Standard Chip Library (200 Chips)Blue Star (4th Star)
Defeat Bass GS in Secret Area 3, after defeating Dark Man, Japan Man and SerenadeGreen Star (2nd Star)
Beat all of Serenade's "Time Trial" times in Secret Area 1, 2 and 3.Light Blue Star (3rd Star)
Complete your P. A. [Program Advance] Library (32 Combos)Orange Star (7th Star)
Complete your Mega Chip Library (85 Chips)Purple Star (5th Star)
Defeat ALL 15 Omega Navis. (Must use code to unlock Omega Navis)Red Star (6th Star)
Defeat the Original Alpha.Yellow Star (1st Star)

Contributed By: GeoffMendicino.

Obtaining the 20 Giga-CLass Chips

For most of these Giga-Class chips, you'll need to have traded and unlocked the SP mode.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Through Random NetbattleBalance
Once unlocked SP mode, defeat Beastman SP to get his chipBeastman V5
Once unlocked SP mode, defeat Blues SP to get his chipBlues V5
Once unlocked SP mode, defeat Bowlman SP to get his chipBowlman V5
Once unlocked SP mode, defeat Bubbleman SP to get his chipBubbleman V5
Once unlocked SP mode, defeat Darkman SP to get his chipDarkman V5
Once unlocked SP mode, defeat DesermanSP to get his chipDesertman V5
Once unlocked SP mode, defeat Drillman SP to get his chipDrillman V5
Once unlocked SP mode, defeat Flameman SP to get his chipFlameman V5
Once unlocked SP mode, defeat Flashman SP to get his chipFlashman V5
Defeat the hidden boss in secret area: Forte GSForte
Once unlocked SP mode, defeat Gutsman SP to get his chipGutsman V5
Once unlocked SP mode, defeat Kingman SP to get his chipKingman V5
Once unlocked SP mode, defeat Metalman SP to get his chipMetalman V5
Once unlocked SP mode, defeat Mistman SP to get his chipMistman V5
Buy it from a bug frag merchant from a hidden shop in Ura net 2Navi Recycle
Once unlocked SP mode, defeat Plantman SP to get his chipPlantman V5
Deafeat all SP navis, then win against final boss in SP formProto Arm Sigma
Defeat all of the Serenade TrialsSerenade
Once unlocked SP mode, defeat Yamato SP to get his chipYamatoman V5

Contributed By: Mastermind Chaud.

Secret Bosses

After you beat Alpha, secret bosses will be available to you.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Have all seven stars.Alpha Omega(WWW Island)
Beat Serenade, put 300 Bugfrags into Bugfrag Trader, leave Secret Area and return to BF Trader.Bass GS(Secret Area 3)
Have at least 140/200 in Standard Chip Library.DarkMan(Secret Area 1, V3 in Undernet 6)
Have at least one Giga Chip.JapanMan(Secret Area 2, V3 in samurai armor)
Have 200/200 Library.Serenade(Secret Area 3)

Contributed By: Adori.


300000 Easy Zenny

First do the job "Legendary Tomes". Once you have the tomes don't go back to the Navi, instead go to the teachers lounge. Look at the back shelf and examine the strange orange statue. Theres a code in the statue that matches with the tomes and the data is 300000 zenny.

Contributed By: AABLMD82.

Secret Area

Once you complete the game by defeating the final boss, wait until the credits roll and the title screen appears. There should be a star next to 'continue'. When you continue the game, it will continue from the spot where you last saved as usual, but you will now be allowed access to the Secret Area, which is located in the Ura-Internet square. You can only get there by pluuging into the computer under the hot springs. You will need 100 standard chip entries in your library to enter.

Contributed By: WhiteDragon Nall.

Secret Boss

After you complete the Secret Area by defeating Serenade, put at least 300 BugFrags in the Trader, then leave the internet. When your return to the Bug Trader, Forte will appear, fused with Gospel, and attack you. If you defeat him, you will get the Forte chip.

Contributed By: WhiteDragon Nall.