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Infinite time for Outrun & Super Hang-On / Infinite continues in Afterburner & Space Harrier

At the Main Menu select any of the four games. At the Title Screen for any of the four games, press & hold L-Trigger + R-Trigger + select & then press up on the d-pad while still holding the other buttons. The options bar at the top of the screen will change to say "Show Credits". Select the Show Credits option & when the credits begin you will see a series of sets of letters in bubbles appear & then fade. When the first set materializes enter left, right, left, right on the d-pad before the letters fade(at each of the first three set of letters the buttons must be pressed before the bubbles fade). At the second set of letters enter up, down on the d-pad. At the thirds set of letters press A Button. If the code is entered correctly, you will here a woman's voice say "Congratulations." Effects for each of the games will now be enabled until you enter the code again(you will hear a man's voice say "Be careful!" if entered correctly to disable the codes), or turn the power off. So you can exit a game to the main menu to play another game without having to re-enter the code.

Contributed By: slowdusted.