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Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga


Music from one place to another

Before entering a pipe, enter it with Mini-Mario. During the Pipe-Selection Screen, the music in the previous area you were just in will stay the same. When you warp to your destination, the music in the pipe will now be the BGM until you leave the area/go into pipe while not Mini-Mario, etc.

Contributed By: Deathborn 668.

Permanent Pepper Effect!

Red and Green Peppers normally will temporarily boost your Power or Defense, respective. (The boost is x1.5 on the international version and x1.25 in Japan's, though this glitch is not in the Japanese version.) If someone under a Pepper's effects is KOed and then revived by a 1-Up item in the same battle the effect will remain for the remainder of the fight.

Contributed By: Monkpunk and Eevee-Trainer.

Thunder Bros. Enemy Defense Glitch

Luigi's Bros. Attack "Thunder Bros." normally lowers the foe's DEF stat if executed correctly. However, the amount lowered is strangely correlated to the button presses you do correctly during the attack. Most notably: miss all but the first B Button press and your opponent's DEF goes to zero!

Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

Unmovable Mario

Turn Luigi into a surfboard and surf to the coast on the east side of Beanbean Castle Town.
Surf in and land on the shore.
While Mario is dismounting the surfboard, hit a Bob-omb to start a battle.
When the battle is over, Mario will be frozen in the air, but the pause screen will still be accessible.

Contributed By: myrakal17.


Advanced Bros. Attacks

After using your Bros. Attacks a certain number of times, you unlock an Advanced version of the move. These Advanced versions can deal more damage or otherwise change the effects of the move, though at the same time use a different button combination than the original move.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Use this Bros. Attack 8 timesAdvanced Bounce Bros.
Use this Bros. Attack 32 timesAdvanced Chopper Bros.
Use this Bros. Attack 21 timesAdvanced Cyclone Bros.
Use this Bros. Attack 28 timesAdvanced Fire Bros.
Use this Bros. Attack 43 timesAdvanced Knockback Bros.
Use this Bros. Attack 20 timesAdvanced Splash Bros.
Use this Bros. Attack 10 timesAdvanced Swing Bros.
Use this Bros. Attack 24 timesAdvanced Thunder Bros.

Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

Monty Mole-Hunting Rewards

Throughout the game's world, there are a number of yellow Monty Moles in hidden areas. Find them, and perhaps solving the puzzles they may give, will yield a variety of useful items. Below are those items in addition to where, generally, you can find them.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Find one of the Monty Moles in north Beanbean1-Up Mushroom
Find the Monty Mole in Oho Oasis1-Up Super
Find the Monty Mole in Bowser's CastleGolden Mushrom
Find the Monty Mole in Hoohoo VillageGolden Mushroom
Find one of the Monty Moles in north BeanbeanHigh-End Badge
Find one of the Monty Moles in northeast BeanbeanIron Pants
Find the Monty Mole on the Hoohoo Mountain descentMax Nut
Find one of the Monty Moles in northeast BeanbeanRed & Green Peppers
Find the Monty Mole in Joke's EndRed & Green Peppers
Find one of the Monty Moles in north BeanbeanWool Trousers

Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

Easter Eggs

Game references in the Yoshi theater!

In the lobby of the Yoshi theater, there are four posters on the wall referring to Nintendo video games:

1. Kirby Story--referring to the Kirby series
2. Wario poster--referring to the Japanese box art design for "WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames"
3. M&L--referring, of course, to this game (more specifically to the game's originally intended title, "Mario & Luigi")
4. Legend of Stafy--referring to a Japan-only game series of the same name

Contributed By: Nintendo fan 302.

See Princess Peach's Castle

Go to the summet on HooHoo Mountain, walk to the top right of the summet until you get to the edge. There should be a slant in the summet shape (like an octogon) and two stone sharp-like rocks, walk up to the top one and look underneath the B button icon, you should see Princess Peach's Castle from Super Mario 64.

Contributed By: dedge.


Discount on Taking Pictures!

In the Beanbean Castle area, there is a photographer that will take pictures for your passports for 100 coins. He will ask you to pay 100 coins. Say "No", and he will offer to take them for 50 coins.

Contributed By: phisho873.

Extra damage on Fire Bros

During the normal version of the attack "Fire Bros.", try abd count how many fireballs Mario conjures up. Smack the fire back, but be sure to MISS the action command on the last one. You'll do more damage in the last part than normal. You'll want to be pretty precise here, because going too early or late will hinder the total damage done.

Contributed By: baconlabs.

Guess the real Cackletta

When Cackletta divides into 3, use any item, but don't attack. When the Cacklettas attack, you will see one use the left arm only, and right arm, and both arms. Attack the one that uses both arms.

Contributed By: LuigiMario17.

Infinate Hoo, Woo, and Chuckle beans and status.

There is an Island Surfing game somewhere near Oho Oasis. After getting 1st prize (Casual Coral), you can fulfill the same criteria and get 2 Hoo, Woo, and Chuckle beans each time! By doing this, you can gain infinite beans and, possibly, infinite stats from blending these infinite beans.

Contributed By: baconlabs.

Enemy/Boss Tips

Shroom Force Abuse

The Mush Badges available from the Little Fungitown equipment shop have the ability Shroom Force. This applies a flat damage bonus to each of your attacks depending on how many of each regular, Super, Ultra, and Max Mushroom you have. (This is very roughly 0.2 per each in the international release and roughly 0.15 per each in the Japanese version. A maxed stock of each in the international release applies a 93 damage boost, and 48 in the Japanese version.)

This boost applies to every single attack. Most notably, this includes Mario's Chopper Bros. Attack. Typically after about a dozen hits when performed successfully, you only do 1 HP of damaged per hit. However, Shroom Force applies the flat bonus to even those hits; this means you could easily hit a dozen or more times each for almost 50 or 100 HP of damage! This trivializes almost all battles in the game; stomping on enemies to start battles almost always results in killing them all if you have enough Mushrooms and almost all bosses can be beaten with 1-2 uses of Chopper Bros.

Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

Secret Items

Starbeans Cafe Rewards

After the Beanbean Castle town is repaired, you can enter the northern building on the west side of town. There, you can take the various beans dug up from "X" marks on the ground (among other means) to make a number of drinks that increase your stats. In addition to this, every time you make a brand-new drink, you'll get a particular award!

Make two kinds of drinksBonus Ring
Make six kinds of drinksCobalt Necktie
Make three kinds of drinksExcite Spring
Make all seven kinds of drinksGameBoy Horror SP
Make four kinds of drinksGreat Force
Make one kind of drinkGreed Wallet
Make five kinds of drinksPower Grip

Contributed By: KeyBlade999.