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Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu


Alternate way to unlock hidden characters

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat tournament mode with five charactersAndroid 16
Beat tournament mode or time challenge mode with fourteen charactersBroly
Beat tournament mode with seven charactersBuu
Beat time challenge mode with three charactersCell
Beat tournament mode with four charactersFrieza
Beat time challenge mode with one characterGotenks
Beat tournament mode with two charactersNappa
Beat tournament mode with one characterRaditz

Contributed By: plop2020.

Unlock secret charecters

These codes are to unlock Android 16, Buu, Cell, Broly, Freiza, Gotenks, Nappa,and Raditz

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete tournement mode as Android 18Android 16
Complete tourny mode with every charecter(including the ones you've unlocked)Broly
Complete tournement mode as PiccoloBuu
Complete tourny mode as Android 16Cell
Complete time challenga as VegetaFreiza
Complete time challenge as GohanGotenks
Complete tourny mode as VegetaNappa
Complete tourny mode as GohanRadizt

Contributed By: Wasabi X.