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Mega Man Battle Network 4: Red Sun


Code to get in to Park Area

Once you beat the normal Navi decode this AJEKDUR2437561 and put it into the Staff Code window.

RAEJDUKGet into Park area 1

Contributed By: NinjaBoy90210.

NeoVari Attacks

After you get the chip NeoVari N from Undernet5, you can push the A button for a slash that does 240 DMG. But, if you put in certain combonations while you hold the A button down, you can increase the range of the sword.

Down, Right, UpCross Sword
Up, B, Down, B, UpDouble LifeSword
Left, Right, Left, BSuper Sonic Boom

Contributed By: Dalent.

Secret VarSword codes

Once you get the VarSword chip you can use "secret swords attacks" in every battle you want . When you are in a battle select the VarSword chip , press and hold A and enter this codes quick.

Left,Left-Down,Down,Down-Right and RightHero Sword Attack
Down,Left,Up,Right and DownLife Sword Attack
Down,Down-Right and RightLong Sword attack
Left,B,Right and BSonic Slash Attack
Up,Up-Right,Right,Right-Down and DownWide Sword attack

Contributed By: Crono exe.


NumberMan Trader Codes

When Higsby gets the NumberMan Trader, enter these codes to get the items.

77038416AirHockey 3 V
25435428Beat(NC Block)
43494372Body Pack(NC Block)
05178924Buster Pack(NC Block)
19095677ColorPoint *
75420107Custom2(NC Block)
46292983FlameLine 1 G
57604335FlameLine 3 J
74293099GunDelSol EX G
30873642HP+500(NC Block)
97618739HP+500(NC Block)
02109544MegaFolder2(NC Block)
66703422Recover300 J
73298100Rush(NC Block)
32108251Snake R
10170506Tango(NC Block)
88019791TwinFang 3 G
03696458VariableSword C
68009092WideShot 3 T

Contributed By: Adori.


Avoid Random Battles (JP Version Only)

To avoid random battles, save your game about every 20 steps. This will reset the game's random seed, which also resets when your next random encounter will be. Now you can go through the entire 'Net without running into a single fight, or resetting your system because you got into a fight!

Contributed By: genotheblaster.


First (or All) Seven Save Icons

The Save Icons are as follows:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat ForteSP in Black Earth 2Forte's Icon
Get All 5 Giga ChipsGigaComplete
Get All 60 Mega ChipsMegaComplete
Beat Duo in Normal ModeMeteo Red Sun Icon
Use All 30 Program AdvancesPA Complete
Get All 6 SoulsSoulComplete
Get All 150 Standard ChipsStandComplete

Contributed By: genotheblaster.

Hard Mode/Super Hard Mode

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Choose second choice after beating game.Hard Mode
Choose the second choice after beating Hard Mode.Super Hard Mode

Contributed By: ZEROEXE VERSION 200.

Obtaining Giga-Level Battle Chips

To obtain the rare giga-level battle chips, you will have to complete some of the game's most arduous tasks. It is expected that you have an almost full-library and high stats before attempting to obtain most of these.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Defeat either ShademanSP or LasermanSP without destroying the Green Mystery Data to obtain this giga-level chip.Bug Charge
S-Rank ForteSP, a random encounter in Black Earth 2 to obtain this chip.Darkness Aura
Defeat Forte behind the Standard Gate in the Ura-Internet to obtain this chip.Forte
Bought from a Shop in Ura-Internet 4 for a whopping 100 BugFragsHoly Dream
Talk to Yuuichiro at ANSA before the end of the game and he will give you this chipRed Sun Ray

Contributed By: Alexis Oceana.


Easily defeat Dark users in Multiplayer

In multiplayer, Dark users are very tough because they become the Darksoul when you reduce them to 0 hp. However, if you use a chip or PA that freezes time and deals many hits, you can kill them without allowing them to become the Darksoul. A great example is the Pile Driver PA. Hope this helps you take out those cheap Darkies!

Contributed By: kefkakrazy.

Secret Boss

To get past the gate in Ura Internet area 5, you need all 150 regular chips. Once you get past it, you can fight the secret boss, Forte, and get his chip, Forte.

Contributed By: White Dragon Nall.

Secret Boss 2

After completing the Black Earth dungeon, exit (plug out) and re-enter. You can now encounter Forte SP in Black Earth area 2, and obtain Black Barrier from him.

Contributed By: White Dragon Nall.

Secret Boss: Duo SP

One more thing to add:

To fight Duo SP, you need to have all the 7 symbols

1 for Duo
1 for Soul Complete
1 for Standard library complete
1 for Mega Library Complete
1 for Giga Library Complete
1 for P.A. Complete
1 for Forte SP

Go back to where Duo was and fight him there!

Contributed By: Mastermind Chaud.

Secret Dungeon

There is a large hole surrounded by purple slime on a platform in Ura Internet area 6. In order to approach it, you need the chips ''Bug Charge'', ''Muramasa Blade'', ''Black Wing'', ''Element Dark'' and ''Poison Anubis''. Once you get close enough, it will suck you down to the secret dungeon, Black Earth.

Contributed By: White Dragon Nall.