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Mega Man Zero 3



UnlockableHow to Unlock
complete all missions with 100 pointsFefnir Mini-game
use zet zaber from the opening to the end, and finish the game with an S rankHarpuia Mini-game
complete all missions with 100 pointsLeviathan Mini-game
use buster shot from the opening to the end, and finish the game with an S rankPhantom Mini-game

Contributed By: Darkness X Unlimited.

Misc. Unlockables

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game with S ranking on all missions.Ciel mini-game
Using your previous save game, finish the game again in Hard ModeCopy-X mini-game
Beat the game once, highlight new game at the main menu, hold L and press StartHard mode
Collect all of the secret disks, beat the game, then restart by holding R and selecting new game at the main menuUltimate mode
Finish the game onceZero mini-game

Contributed By: Mykas0, djsonic, darkness1111, and Shadowscent.

Unlocking Minigames through Battle Chip Gate

You can unlock four Minigames alternatively with this accessory, given if you have these particular Battle Chips.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Slot-In MeteorRedSunFernir Minigame
Slot-In both MeteorRedSun and BlueMoonRayHarpuia Minigame
Slot-In Counter2 or BlueMoonRayLeviathan Minigame
Slot-In both MeteorRedSun and BlueMoonRayPhantom Minigame

Contributed By: Nigoli.


Change Enemies In Cyberworld

First of all, get a MegaMan Battle Network 4 Red Sun or Blue Moon. You will need two GBA/SP, and a GBA link cable. Go to Ciel's room in the place you go to after killing Omega. Press up in front of the computer. Go to Transmission. In Red Sun/Blue Moon, go to Comm. Go to trade chips, and trade any chip into Zero 3. In Red Sun/Blue Moon, you will get a secret chip. In Zero 3, all Cyberworld enemies will be changed.

Contributed By: Senran.

Fight phantom

On the second last level, go into the first hyperspace portal. Next, while you are riding the platforms, you should find a door. It leads you to 2 disks and a portal.
When you go into the portal, you will fight phantom from Megaman Zero 1.

Contributed By: Arbiter_ARA.