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Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper


All level passwords

Enter any of these passwords at the password screen to go to any part of the game you desire:

Princess Anneliese, Serafina, Erika, WolfieArcade Level
Serafina, Woflia. Erika, PremingerBoss 1
Preminger, Erika, Serafina, WolfieBoss 2
Preminger, Serafina, Princess Anneliese, SerafinaBoss 3
Erika, Serafina, Princess Anneliese, WolfieBoss 4
Erika, Princess Anneliese, Princess Anneliese, ManLast Boss
Preminger, Wolfie, Erika, SerafinaLevel 1-2
Wolfie, Preminger, Serafina, PremingerLevel 1-3
Preminger, Wolfie, Serfania, WolfieLevel 1-4
Princess Anneliese, Preminger, Wolfie, ErikaLevel 2-1
Preminger, Princess Anneliese, Wolfie, ErikaLevel 2-2
Preminger, Serafina, Preminger, ErikaLevel 2-3
Serafina, Erika, Preminger, WolfieLevel 2-4
Wolfie, Preminger, Wolfie, ErikaLevel 3-1
Serafina, Preminger, Erika, SerafinaLevel 3-2
Erika, Wolfie, Serafina, Princess AnnelieseLevel 3-3
Erika, Serafina, Erika, PremingerLevel 3-4
Wolfie, Serafina, Preminger, SerafinaLevel 4-1
Preminger, Serafina, Princess Anneliese, PremingerLevel 4-2
Wolfie, Serafina, Erika, SerafinaLevel 4-3
Serafina, Preminger, Wolfie, PremingerLevel 4-4

Contributed By: Arguro.

Easy level passwords

Enter these on the password screen

barbie, cat, brown haired girl, catboss 1
old guy, cat, dog, old guylevel 2
old guy, barbie, old guy, catlevel 3
cat, barbie, cat, old guylevel 4
cat, barbie, brown haired girl, barbielevel 5
cat, brown haired girl, old guy, catlevel 6
Barbie, white cat, brown hair girl, brown catUnlocks all 4 arcade games

Contributed By: Sanyo and FoxFire8869.