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Power Rangers: Dino Thunder



Enter in the password screen


Contributed By: ACowWithaDS.

Passwords for Easy Mode

OZHFifth Megazord level
160Fifth Red Ranger Level
QVBFirst Blue Ranger level
LZCFirst Megazord level
BGWFirst puzzle
GBVFirst Red Ranger Level
BXBFirst Yellow Ranger level
9XJForth Blue Ranger level
24!Forth Megazord level
4ZHForth puzzle
YXOForth Red Ranger level
8VGForth Yellow Ranger level
L60Second Blue Ranger level
G0YSecond Megazord Level
LOYSecond puzzle
QXXSecond Red Ranger level
G60Second Yellow Ranger level
121Seventh Megazord Level
50KSixth Megazord level
28ZThird Blue Ranger level
L21Third Megazord level
G4KThird Puzzle
XVZThird Red Ranger level
G8JThird Yellow Ranger level

Contributed By: Mykas0 and hockeyguy8.

Passwords for Hard Mode

X!HFifth Megazord Level
Y70Fifth Red Ranger Level
LWBFirst Blue Ranger Level
Q!YFirst Megazord Level
GHCFirst Puzzle
BCVFirst Red Ranger Level
GYXFirst Yellow Ranger Level
5YJFourth Blue Ranger Level
65HFourth Megazord Level
8!1Fourth Puzzle
1YJFourth Red Ranger Level
4WGFourth Yellow Ranger Level
Q7JSecond Blue Ranger Level
B1YSecond Megazord Level
Q1FSecond Puzzle
LYXSecond Red Ranger Level
B7QSecond Yellow Ranger Level
Y31Seventh Megazord Level
91!Sixth Megazord Level
69GThird Blue Ranger Level
Q3KThird Megazord Level
B5KThird Puzzle
0WGThird Red Ranger Level
B9JThird Yellow Ranger Level

Contributed By: hockeyguy8.

Passwords for Normal Mode

0ZTFifth Megazord Level
166Fifth Red Ranger Level
QVNFirst Blue Ranger Level
LZPFirst Megazord Level
BG5First Puzzle
GB4First Red Ranger Level
BXNFirst Yellow Ranger Level
9XQFourth Blue Ranger Level
249Fourth Megazord Level
4ZTFourth Puzzle
YX6Fourth Red Ranger Level
8VSFourth Yellow Ranger Level
L66Second Blue Ranger Level
G03Second Megazord Level
L03Second Puzzle
QX2Second Red Ranger Level
G66Second Yellow Ranger Level
127Seventh Megazord Level
50RSixth Megazord Level
Z88Third Blue Ranger Level
L27Third Megazord Level
G4RThird Puzzle
XV8Third Red Ranger Level
G8QThird Yellow Ranger Level

Contributed By: hockeyguy8.


Unlocking the Auxiliary Zords

To unlock the 4 Auxiliary Zords, you must complete the following puzzles (on any mode):

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete Puzzle #4AnkyloZord
Complete Puzzle #1CephalaZord
Complete Puzzle #2DimetroZord
Complete Puzzle #3ParasaurZord

Contributed By: StarFighters76.