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Advance Guardian Heroes


Unlock All Characters

At the Treasure logo at the start of the game, quickly enter the following: Right, Left, L, R, Up, Select, Select. You'll hear Zur laugh if done correctly. Everything will be unlocked until you restart the game.

Contributed By: helldray.


Unlimited ''Invincible Body'' Time

When you die, the end boss shows up and says something like "If you sell me your soul, I'll give you an invincable body for a while. what do you say?" Say yes and while your soul is being sucked up by the big blue beam, press ALL the buttons on your gameboy randomly. The glitch only works if you are only pressing the buttons while your soul is being sucked up. Afterwards you should see your time says 999 and never goes down.

Contributed By: Shark4441.


Alternate Title Screen

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game on Super Hard difficulty.Alternate Title Screen

Contributed By: Jagus.

Unlockable Features

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Finish the game on Hard difficulty.Endless Mode
Finish Time Attack mode multiple times to unlock new characters or donate gems in story mode to the laboratory.New Characters (Monsters and Allies)
Finish the game on Normal difficulty.Time Attack Mode

Contributed By: Zaraf.

Unlockable Maps

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Super Hard difficulty.Vs. & Training maps 10-16

Contributed By: Jagus.


Easy EXP Crystals

Get up to Stage 3-16 (the place where you only encounter 2 knights on a long metal bridge) And keep fighting the 2 knights, but staying at the left screen. Get any EXP Crystal they drop, and go back to the left agian. You can get up to 99999 quickly.

Contributed By: Hugna.