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Racing Gears Advance


Various button codes

To enter codes you need to be in the main garage interface. All codes require the player to hold down the “R Button” while entering. Up to 3 codes can be entered at a time as long as they don't cancel each others effect (1 lap vs 5 laps). If the player screws up entering a code all codes are reset to the default state.

B,B,L,RIGHT,LEFT,DOWNArmageddon - Unlimited Ammo!
RIGHT,A,B,B,LEFTBlindspot - All opponents are invisible.
RIGHT,L,UP,A,LEFT,BCashcrop – Increases the value of dollar symbols.
LEFT,B,A,RIGHT,L,L,DOWNEndurance - Races are 5 laps.
UP,UP,B,DOWN,AEqualizer - ???
A,A,L,LEFT,RIGHT,UPHamburger - Weapons available at start of race
DOWN,UP,B,LEFT,RIGHT,ASprint - Races are only 1 lap
L,A,B,L,DOWN,DOWNTaxman - Decreases the value of dollar symbols
B,A,B,B,LWussy - No weapons

Contributed By: CharlieF.


Unlockable Characters

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Finish first in Omega CircuitKing Komet
Finish first in Gamma CircuitMad Falcon
Finish first in Epsilon CircuitPiranha
Finish first in Delta CircuitStingray
Finish first in Alpha CircuitThunderfox

Contributed By: Frankie_Spankie.

Unlockable Licenses

These licenses will give you the ability to drive in the next circuit and race in those tracks.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Finish first in Delta CircuitLicense Class "A"
Finish first in Gamma CircuitLicense Class "B"
Finish first in Alpha CircuitLicense Class "C"
Finish first in Epsilon CircuitLicense Class "S"

Contributed By: Frankie_Spankie.