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Need for Speed: Most Wanted


Unlockable Cars

Beat certain racers from the Blacklist to unlock the cars which you can buy from the Safehouse.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Big LouAudi TT 3.2 quattro
Beat RazorBMW M3 GTR
Beat BBBCorvette C6
Beat OrcaFord GT
Beat Big LouFord Mustang GT
Beat BBBLamborghini Gallardo
Beat BBBLotus Elise
Beat Big LouMazda RX-8
Beat OrcaPorsche Carrera GT
Beat Big LouSubaru Impreza WRX STi

Contributed By: MK8.

Unlockable Parts, Paints, and Chapters.

Beat these bosses to unlock these things.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat BBBBoss Paint - BBB
Beat Big LouBoss Paint - Big Lou
Beat EarlBoss Paint - Earl
Beat EnderBoss Paint - Ender
Beat IzzyBoss Paint - Izzy
Beat MurffBoss Paint - Murff
Beat Nick F.Boss Paint - Nick F.
Beat OrcaBoss Paint - Orca
Beat RazorBoss Paint - Razor
Beat SassyBoss Paint - Sassy
Beat SolBoss Paint - Sol
Beat TazBoss Paint - Taz
Beat TerryBoss Paint - Terry
Beat WebsterBoss Paint - Webster
Beat ZoeBoss Paint - Zoe
Beat EarlChapter 10
Beat SassyChapter 11
Beat WebsterChapter 12
Beat OrcaChapter 13
Beat TerryChapter 14
Beat MurffChapter 15
Beat TazChapter 2
Beat EnderChapter 3
Beat Nick F.Chapter 4
Beat Big LouChapter 5
Beat ZoeChapter 6
Beat SolChapter 7
Beat IzzyChapter 8
Beat BBBChapter 9
Beat RazorLegendary Brakes Carrera GT
Beat BBBLegendary Chassis Golf
Beat BBBLegendary Chassis IS300
Beat RazorLegendary Chassis M3 GTR
Beat OrcaLegendary Chassis TT
Beat OrcaLegendary Engine RX-8
Beat OrcaLegendary Turbo Mustang GT
Beat IzzyRim # 6
Beat IzzyRim # 7
Beat IzzyRim # 8
Beat IzzyRim # 9
Beat EnderRims 1-5
Beat Big LouSpec 1 Body Kits
Beat Nick F.Spec 1 Brakes
Beat TazSpec 1 Chassis
Beat ZoeSpec 1 engine
Beat Big LouSpec 1 Turbo
Beat BBBSpec 2 Body Kits
Beat BBBSpec 2 Brakes
Beat SolSpec 2 Chassis
Beat SassySpec 2 Engine
Beat EnderSpec 2 Transmission
Beat IzzySpec 2 Transmission
Beat EarlSpec 2 Turbo
Beat OrcaSpec 3 Body Kits
Beat WebsterSpec 3 Brakes
Beat WebsterSpec 3 Chassis
Beat MurffSpec 3 Engine
Beat OrcaSpec 3 Transmission
Beat TerrySpec 3 Turbo

Contributed By: Stevewins123.