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Donkey Kong Country 3

The Ranking

75.08% Overall Rank: 7779
Game Boy Advance Rank: 179
2005 Games Rank: 7759
2005 Game Boy Advance Rank: 179
Score based on 23 reviews


In a world where ostriches wear tennis shoes and the Kongs clamber through exotic island adventures, KAOS is on the rampage and you must use Dixie's skills to save the day. Dixie and Kiddy Kong take a run through the jungle to rescue Diddy and Donkey Kong! Baron K. Roolenstein, the leader of the Kremlings, kidnapped Donkey and Diddy, and Dixie and Kiddy must run, roll, hop, and swing across enemy-infested stages. Let the Kremling-crushin' commence with all-new minigames, nine worlds to journey through, more than 50 levels and two-player mode. The beloved side-scrollin' sequel to Donkey Kong Country 1 & 2 is now in the palm of your hands! Use Kiddy Kong's and Dixie Kong's unique abilities like the water skip and helicopter spin to go ape on the baddies. A ninth world, Pacifica, has been added to the original eight worlds. It includes six all-new levels - set from the deepest drain pipes to the tallest treetops - and adds two to three hours of brand-new gameplay. Play all-new mini-games to earn money and items. Compete in a series of boat races in Funky's Challenge, use a shield to block an onslaught of spiked creatures in Cranky's Dojo, or race through tunnels collecting stars in Swanky's Dash. Check back for more information on this game as the release date approaches, and be on the lookout for "Where is Donkey Kong?" Help us find DK in a charity benefit for all his real-life animal friends.
Release Date: November 7, 2005

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