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Mortal Kombat 4


Cheat Codes

Press Down (on choose destiny screen)Fewer Credits
Press Up (on choose destiny screen)More Credits
Hold Up and press Start (char. select screen)Random Select

Contributed By: SeaSerpent.


Misc. Passwords

Enter the following at the Vs. screen:

321-321Big Heads
020-020Blocking Disabled
000-033Computer Starts with 1/2 Life
000-707Computer Starts with 1/4 Life
688-422Dark Kombat
050-050Explosive Kombat
205-205Fight vs. Reptile
987-666Message One
123-926Message Two
987-123No Power Bars
012-012Noob Saibot
123-123One Hit Wins
192-234Play as Reptile
033-000Player 1 Starts with 1/2 Life
707-000Player 1 Starts with 1/4 Life
985-125Psycho Kombat
222-222Random Weapon
333-333Randper Kombat
666-666Silent Kombat
100-100Throwing Disabled
001-001Unlimited Run
002-002Weapons Won't Drop

Contributed By: N3k74r, X666 Pack, and soccerboy105.