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The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons


Ring Secrets

Once the red snake begins accepting secrets (after completing your first game), you can tell these secrets to him. Replace the words in {curly brackets} with the corresponding symbols.

These are specially-crafted secrets which work on all files, not just the file they came from. (In fact, they did not come from any existing file.)

M/%{club}) B~&JS $j(D=Get all rings
M/%HJ @bS9& hmR%{down}Get GBA-exclusive rings

Contributed By: Drenn.


Advance Shop

If you're playing on a Gameboy Advance, head to the screen with the Know-it-all Birds Hut. The other house thats normally closed will be open. Inside is a shop that has 2 rings, and a Gasha Seed. All 3 things sell for 100 rupees each.

Contributed By: GValko.

Noble sword

To find the noble sword go to tarm ruins in the area where there is a trunk in the middle of the screen change the season to winter and head west then change it to autum and head west again then change it to spring and head west again and finally change it to summer and head west there you will find the noble sword.

Contributed By: zeldamaster2.