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Stage Passwords

Input password for desired stage

Medal, Medal, Players Plane, Enemy PlaneStage 04
Players Plane, Enemy Plane ,Enemy Plane, MedalStage 08
Bullet, Enemy Plane, Players Plane, Players PlaneStage 12
Enemy Plane, Enemy Plane, Bullet, Enemy PlaneStage 16
Players Plane, Medal, Bullet, Players PlaneStage 20
Bullet, Players Plane, Medal, MedalStage 24
Medal, Enemy Plane, Medal, Enemy PlaneStage 28

Contributed By: NiGHTS and KasketDarkfyre.


Secret Level

Unlock Tok Land

UnlockableHow to Unlock
First beat stage 1 and turn off the gameboy. Turn it on and input this password: Medal, Medal, Medal, Enemy, Medal. Then select 1 player game and instead of level 1 you will have the bonus levelTok Land

Contributed By: Mink 3k.