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Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Cobi's Journey


max out high(949+)stats

If your monsters are close to maxing a stat and you have an accesssory that will raise that stat over 999, put the accesssory on, then switch it with another accessory. The monsters stat, even if it were supposed to drop back below 999, will still be 999.
I have a max level monster with 950 attack. I put on a steel fang, its attck is now 999. Now, if i switch to a different accessory, the attack of the monster will still be 999!

Contributed By: windseer1986.


Terry Mode

Complete the game with over 150 monsters. Terry from ''Dragon Warrior Monsters'' will go to GreatLog. Find him near the entrance in the Arena. Defeat him in battle, and a new breeding mode will be unlocked. In this mode you can breed monsters from ''Dragon Warrior Monsters 2'' with monsters from ''Dragin Warrior Monsters''.

Contributed By: alaskanpie.