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Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf


Level passwords

At the campaign select option from the main menu, enter the following codes to unlock subsequent missions.

LQAHQRLCampaign 2: Scud Buster
ILLBWBYCampaign 3: Embassy City
BTOBKLWCampaign 4: Nuclear Storm

Contributed By: Fenriswolf.

Start on Level 3

Enter ILLBWBY at the password screen .

Contributed By: Goldbar.

Start with 10 lives.

Enter BQQQAEZ on the password screen to start with 10 lives. You can then re-enter any password to select a level if you wish.

Contributed By: yatesy.

Start with 5 lives

At the password screen, enter TQQQLOM as the password.

Contributed By: Retro.


Unlock Jake Valdez for 3rd campaign.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the campaign and return to the frigate to unlock Jake for 3rd campaign.Jake Valdez

Contributed By: SubSane.

Easter Eggs

Fire Missles on the Title Screen

To make the Apache fire missles on the Title screen, wait until the Helicopter is flying horizontally, and simply press A.

Contributed By: stonedwal.


Secret Opening

To see the Secret Opening of the game, press C at the title screen.

Contributed By: Truck_1_0_1_.

Unlimited Fuel

While flying over the ocean's waters in any level, you won't lose any fuel.

Contributed By: Retro.