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Cheat Menu

Enter the following code at the Title Screen....

A - B - B - A - C - A - B

Then fo into the pocket secratary, below the Save/Load is a blank line. Go into that option and you can unlock some awesome cheats

Contributed By: Mike Truitt.


Lower Shadowrunner Hiring Costs at No Risk

Complete a moderate or advanced Shadowrun that requires you to collect payment from the Johnson you contracted with. Then hire a shadowrunner for the short-term BEFORE collecting your payment. Upon receiving payment, the game will treat your hired shadowrunner like he/she successfully completed the contract with you, and will lower his/her hiring price anyway.

Contributed By: Aspie Giraffe.


Easy Stolen Package Corp Run

Stolen packages are always randomly located in safes in corporate buildings. Each time you exit and reenter a corp building, the package relocates to a different safe.

That said, always take the Corp Run that requires you to retrieve a stolen package from Lone Star Security. The Lone Star building has a safe right next to the exit. Enter, check the safe, exit the building, and repeat the procedure until the package appears in that safe. It is the easiest Corp Run in the game.

Contributed By: Aspie Giraffe.