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Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3


8 lives in Galaxian

Note that you need a six-button controller for this cheat.

Enable the cheat menu and select ''play hidden game''. While the intro screen is running hold (X+A+Z+C) . Hold this down until the game starts. You should know the code has worked if you hear a firing sound and see no laser fire on screen. You now have 8 lives. Enjoy!

Contributed By: Shirow.

Another code for Cheats, Secret and Killer Kombos

At the screen which says Start and Options

A, C, Up, B, Up, B, A, Down.Enables Killer Kombo, Cheats and Secret Option.

Contributed By: ratix0.

Cheat Mode

At the title screen that says ''Start and Options, enter B, A, down, left, A, down, C, right, up, down. You will hear a sound if entered correctly and Cheats, Secrets, and Killer Kodes will appear on the main menu.

Contributed By: Fire Thief2.

Play as Human Smoke

Select Smoke for a two player battle and at the VS screen, hold Back, High Punch, Low Punch, High Kick, and Low Kick until the match starts. Smoke will explode into Human Smoke.

Contributed By: Ggultra2764.

Secret in ''Killer Codes''.

At the tittle screen, open "Killer Codes"

A,C,A,B,A,B,B,A,C,A,B,A,B,B,A,C,A,B,A,B,B,A,C,A,B,A,BSound effect

Contributed By: BOBBAJI.


Versus Screen Codes

Players one and two must enter these button combinations on the vs. screen with the A, B, and C buttons respectively. The number indicates the times you must press each button.

P1: (1,2,3) P2: (9,2,6)"..No knowledge without power"
P1: (0,4,4) P2: (4,4,0)1 hit kills
P1: (0,3,3) P2: (0,0,0)1/2 half energy
P1: (0,0,0) P2: (0,3,3)1/2 half energy (2nd option)
P1: (0,0,0) P2: (7,0,7)1/4 half energy
P1: (7,0,7) P2: (0,0,0)1/4 half energy (2nd option)
P1: (9,8,9) P2: (8,9,8)8-man tournament w/ random characters
P1: (0,2,0) P2: (0,2,0)Blocking disabled
P1: (1,5,5) P2: (1,5,5)Extended fatality time
P1: (9,5,5) P2: (9,5,5)Extended fatality time (2nd option)
P1: (7,8,8) P2: (3,2,2)Fast uppercut recovery
P1: (3,3,0) P2: (0,3,3)Fight at Jade's Desert
P1: (0,0,4) P2: (7,0,0)Fight at Kahn's Kave
P1: (8,2,0) P2: (0,2,8)Fight at Pit III
P1: (6,6,6) P2: (4,4,4)Fight at Scorpion's Lair
P1: (0,0,2) P2: (0,0,3)Fight at The River
P1: (3,4,3) P2: (3,4,3)Fight on The Roof
P1: (9,8,7) P2: (6,6,6)Flipper message
P1: (0,1,2) P2: (0,1,2)Health recovery
P1: (1,9,1) P2: (1,9,1)Hyper speed
P1: (4,4,9) P2: (4,4,9)Invisible fighters
P1: (4,3,2) P2: (2,3,4)Minimal damage
P1: (2,8,2) P2: (2,8,2)No Fear message
P1: (3,0,0) P2: (3,0,0)No music
P1: (9,8,7) P2: (1,2,3)No powerbars
P1: (0,1,2) P2: (3,4,5)One button brutalities (Press High Punch)
P1: (9,4,4) P2: (9,4,4)One button fatalities
P1: (6,0,6) P2: (3,0,3)Pong mini-game
P1: (0,9,1) P2: (2,9,3)Sweeping disabled
P1: (1,0,0) P2: (1,0,0)Throwing disabled
P1: (0,1,0) P2: (0,1,0)Throwing encouraged
P1: (4,4,5) P2: (any)Timer disabled
P1: (any) P2: (4,4,5)Timer disabled
P1: (4,6,6) P2: (4,6,6)Unlimited running
P1: (2,2,1) P2: (5,5,7)Uppercut changes stage every time
P1: (0,3,3) P2: (5,6,4)Winner fights Motaro
P1: (7,6,9) P2: (3,4,2)Winner fights Noob
P1: (9,6,9) P2: (1,4,1)Winner fights Shao Kahn
P1: (2,0,5) P2: (2,0,5)Winner fights Smoke

Contributed By: Undergrads2003.


Glitch: Stage skip

The stage skip trick can be used during the Shao Kahn match. Your square will move past the top of the match pole and you then fight endless battles against mainly Kano, Sonya, or someone else on occasion. The stage skip can continue to be used to make this go faster but eventually if you reach any E box, the game will display an error screen including something like this:

Exception $03: Address Error
Access Address: 00FF0497
Access Mode: Read, Instr
Address Space: Supervisor Program
Instruction Reg: 6001

Contributed By: Fire Thief2.


Always defeated with fatality or brutality

Lose a single player match and hold Down on controllers one and two. Your opponent will end the match with a fatality or brutality.

Contributed By: Fire Thief2.

Bonus Level

Complete the game using anybody, and make sure there's a controller in the second socket. Press Start on controller two when the green lightning appears from Shao Kahn's tower.

Contributed By: Victory.

Lose in style

Plug in a second controller, but play a one-player game. When you lose, hold Down on both controllers and your opponent will kill you with a fatality or a brutality.

Contributed By: Shirow.

Random Select

At the character select screen, Hold Up and press START.

Contributed By: Naru2005.

Stage Skip

Start a one-player game. Press Start on controller two after the first round ends to advance to the next opponent.

Contributed By: Victory.