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Michael Jackson's Moonwalker


15 Lives

Press Up, Up, Down, Left, Right, A, A, C. Press these at the starting screen.

Contributed By: soccerboy105.

Level Select

With controller 2, hold up+left+A and press Start. At the press start title screen use controller 1 and press start. Now, when you choose a game you can select a stage but not the subsection (ex. 1-2, 1-3 etc.)

Contributed By: soccerboy105 and DarkShieldwham.


Skip robot battle in round 5-3

It isn't necessary to turn into a robot in order to beat round 5-3. All you have to do is a dance attack affecting 8 or more enemies. After Mr.Big leaves the scene, and before that little freeze that happens before every boss fight, take a jump and before Michael lands press the magic button. Keep moving while spinning to where there are more green guards until MJ starts dancing. Getting 8 or more guys dancing will make you win the battle. If you want to, press one of the buttons during the explosion, to make the star fall and turn you into a robot for no reason. In this stage, hitting any button during the fight causes the star to appears, so the trick is doing so BEFORE the battle begins, the jumping thing is just to get you more time to gather enough enemies to make it work. If you fail, just hit a button and the star will fall anyway.

Contributed By: remod.

Easter Eggs


In order to moonwalk, all you need to do it to use Michael's kick attack while walking, and if you continue to go the same direction during and after the attack, instead of walking normally, Michael will moonwalk instead.

Contributed By: Contributor Name.


Hear Thriller in the Zombie Stages *REV 00 Only*

In any stage where there are zombies (3-1, 3-2, 3-3, and 5-3), if you press and hold the B button then perform Michael's Dance Magic (press and hold A until he dances), instead of the usual tune that plays, a short version of Thriller will play. Unfortunately, this only works in REV 00 versions of the game.

Contributed By: JosephLithius.

Play as a Robot

In level 5-2, walk up the pair of steps where you first start off. walk to the right until you see the first opening & closing drop .fall through and hold right to land on the surface under it. after that, open the door and rescue child. Then go all the way to the left where you first were but move to the right side of the box door. wait for the star to come and jump up to get it.

Note: This must be the first child rescued in this level.

Contributed By: CWise.

Play as a robot again on stage 2-3.

On stage 2-3 you can also play as the robot. All you do is go up in the elevator at the start of the stage and open the car that has the child on the first floor. After that you move a little back and wait for the star to come.

Contributed By: JF7X.