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Google Play Achievements

This title has a total of 46 Google Play Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Die in any of the first 10 floorsAre You Kiddin' Me?
Die 100 timesAre You Serious?!
Chat with the computerArtificial Intelligence
Craft three medium medkitsAssistant
Die 20 timesBad Habit
Upgrade your Door to max levelBad Neighborhood
Use Retro Cinema perkBarlon Mrando
Upgrade your Kitchen to max level and cook somethingBellissimo!
Craft any weaponBright Mind
Kill 10 enemies in a row with a mopCleaning Service
Use Deductive Method perkDeduction
Use Lucky Bastard perkDo You Believe in Luck?
DieGet Used to It!
Reach the 50th floorGlass is Half...
Use Amnesia perkI Can't Remember...
Explore every room in one playthroughI've Seen Everything!
Get food-poisoningIndigestion
Open any locked doorIntruder
Dodge three hits in a rowJet Li
Release the hanged manLast Whisper
Follow the legendLegendary Hero
Complete the game on HardcoreMaster Survivalist
Barter something with the old manMutual Benefit
Get the secret endingOblivion
Print the documentOffice Routine
One-shot the parasiteOutta My Way!
Cure a poisoningPanacea
Upgrade your Workbench to max levelPapa Will be Proud!
Fix all panels during one playthroughPraise the Sun!
Use Mysterious Device perkPush the Button!
Loot the dead birdScavenger
Use Hard Times perkSecond Wind
Collect all notes in the gameSecret Files
Check the camerasSecurity Guard
Upgrade your Bed to max levelSleepyhead
Read three SMSSocialization
Get the alternative endingSpecial Guest
Turn on the TVSurvival TV
Reach level 7 with your characterSurvivalist
Complete the gameSurvivor?
Fight two enemies in one combat and winUnfair Fight
Complete the game only eating vegan foodVegan
Score a critical hit for 60+ damageWait...How Do I Do That?
Fix the elevator without any itemsWonderful Mechanic
Kill an enemy with your bare handsWrestler
Win a battle with 5 or less health–°lose Shave

Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.